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Beginning Our Journey with Othello December 3, 2009

Posted by ammerahsaidi in Uncategorized.

We’ve begun today to read Act I, scene I of Othello and I am just as eager as you are to read on and learn more about this man named Othello who has so many around him angry and jealous. 

I want you to engage this blog over the weekend as you read and re-read Act I.  Ask questions, post your thoughts on certain quotes, share your feelings, state your predictions.  This is REAL learning at its best–you should not be doing this work because you HAVE to but because you WANT to. 

By Friday of next week, we would have finished reading the play.  We will then begin a series of summative assessments which will include an essay exam, mini-essays to be completed in class, and discussions.

Remember that I will not be directing you with your essays,  It’s your turn to take control of your learning and get started on your analytical essays as soon as you have a thesis (something you want to analyze connected to the play).



1. walle-e - December 3, 2009

hi. im sry i nvr came. i rememberd i had a doc apointment. im on my fone. can i talk 2 u over this?

ammerahsaidi - December 3, 2009

Yes. Do your research and ask me questions. You may want to Google “Sparknotes on Othello” for tomorrow.

2. ali tawil - December 8, 2009

i think the story is very unique and exciting but a little confusing

3. khalil rahal - December 8, 2009

Reading the story is like being a detective. You have to look closely at the case and find logical solutions that may happen.

4. Ali Tawil - December 9, 2009

yeah i no khalil you have to read really closely and think hard of what is happening

5. khalil rahal - December 10, 2009

ya in the beginning of the story i didnt understand a thing but now its getting much easier.

6. khalil rahal - December 10, 2009

i finally understand the dialogue used in the story.

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