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Summative Assignments December 11, 2009

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We’ve wrapped up reading Othello this week and I am so amazed at the conversations you, the students, are able to orchestrate in class.  You choose important quotes, you discuss the motives of certain characters, you make educated predictions and you complete tasks that are not for a grade but are important to you because they help you think deeply about the work in front of you.

Next week, make sure to prepare for the essay exam.  I will be available after school for any enrichment: for questions on the play or the analytical essay. 

As I’ve stated in class, there will be no class time devoted to the analytical essay in class.  You must do work on your own, review your past work and my comments, and then come see me after school to check any rough drafts or outlines you have created. 

Here are some important rules to take note of on the due date:

  • Essays will be collected AT THE DOOR on January 4th
  • Everything must be stapled in reverse order before you enter class
  • Every rubric criteria must be followed
  • Your essay will be considered late if you enter my classroom without it being stapled in the appropriate order
  • You will lose 5 points for any rule not being followed for turn-in (35/25 points)
  • Absolutely no excuses; if you will be absent or late on Monday, the 4th, you must email me your essay: saidia@dearborn.k12.mi.us

Remember to use this website as a resource for help.



1. Yasmine Abdulla - December 15, 2009

i dont get what i have 2 do 4 the essay having to do with the Quran……

wut am i supposed to do for letter a and b????

2. shiama - December 31, 2009

In the play Othello if Othello the husband of Desdemona never believed Iago the liar with what he had told him about Desdemona and Cassio that they had slept with each other and thought about it Othello would of not ended up killing Desdemona because if he really thought about it he might of found the truth because Iago was just trying to take revenge of Othello. Iago the liar and trickster that lied and tricked Othello by telling him that Cassio has slept with Desdemona “lie” in which in this case lie means to lay down and when somebody is sleeping they have to lay down on the bed. I conclude that the word “lie” refers back to Cassio and Desdomano because right after when Iago said “lie” Othello replied by telling him “with her” which means that that Cassio has slept with Desdemona because the word “her” refers back to Desdemona because the pronoun her is for a lady. When Othello started believing Iago and agree in with everything he said plus the handkerchief accident he wanted to kill Desdemona and that is what he really did.
On the other hand the story of Adam and Eve that is written in the Quran Adam and Eve were tricked by the devil. The point that Adam and Eve believed the devil was because they did not think before they ate from that tree; ” and we said: o Adam! Dwell thou and thy wife in the garden and eat ye freely where ye will; but come not night this tree lest ye become wrong-doers. but Satan caused them to deflect therefrom and expelled them from the state in which they were; and we said: fall down , one of you a foe unto the other! there shall be for you on earth a habitation and provision for a time” this quote explains that god told them that they can eat from any tree they want except for one of the trees that were there in the garden of Aden the devil came to them and started telling them to go and eat from that tree that God told them not to because he does not want anybody to be better than him. Adam and Eve really felt for it and ate from that tree without really thinking about what god had told them. so if they were to take control of their actions they would of not of gotten sent down to earth because that was the result of them listening to the devil instead of listening to god.
can any1 check my 2 body pargraphs and Ms.Saidi if you check the blog please check mine and tell me what i need to fix. I could not email it to your email because i could not email it to ur email so please check it for me

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