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Ms. Saidi is not checking your work over break December 31, 2009

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all enjoying the break.  I have been MIA because I’m working on stuff for the last month of school (lesson plans, exams, projects, etc).  You have your work to do–I am not here to check your work for you until the 4th.  You have to use this website amongst your peers to help you check your work.

Tips: Do not put whole papers onto the website.  Post up one paragraph at a time with your thesis so others can see if you’re making a point, explaining it, using textual support, explaining the support and then restating your point.  Also, follow the rubric very closely!  And follow comments I’ve placed on past papers.

You’ve been assigned this paper since early December.  You have no excuse if you’ve waited until the start of break to start your paper. 

Continue to work and help each other out.  This class is about you finding your own voices and developing the ability to solve your own problems without depending heavily on the teacher.



1. olaajawad - January 3, 2010

miss saidi for the essay do we have to compare the book to something else?????

2. nadirah abdallah - January 3, 2010

olaa the essay is about what your statement is and then you put your ideas of the statement and then you connect to the story.,

3. olaajawad - January 3, 2010

so my statement is does desdemona really love othello do i just talk about it and support it with stuff in the book?

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