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Hey Everyone,

Very impressive first day! 

Everyone who presented a video today, please upload your video onto YouTube and paste the hyperlink as a comment onto this post!  I want to make sure to share your hardwork with all of your peers!  Please pass the word along by posting a link to my blog as your status messages on Facebook.

I have uploaded 3 of the PowerPoints shared today on the following website: www.saidishare.wordpress.com

If you’re proud of your paper, please email it to: saidia@dearborn.k12.mi.us so I can post it on the website as well!

Can’t wait to share your work!



Community-Intervention Final Project January 15, 2010

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Post your thesis statements and ideas on this post here.

Remember, the more specific you are, the better your research.

Here’s a link to the research links found for you by Mr. Haugen: http://blog.dearbornschools.org/fhslibrary/?p=472

Here’s an important piece of advice from Mr. Haugen:

Go to library home page: http://fhs.dearborn.k12.mi.us/Library
Near top of page, just above yellow TODAY box, click on “Book (& videos) Search”

Again, best sources we have for this project will be the databases.

Use same library homepage, and then below yellow TODAY, see the Blue box “Research” section. Especially 1. Gale one file, and 4. Opposing Viewpoints.

These do not need a password in school. At home password is fordson (all lower case).
Work hard!

Imagery January 6, 2010

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Here’s where you post your samples of lines of imagery.  One complete sentence for every type of imagery we discussed in class.  GO FOR IT!

Scarlet Ibis January 6, 2010

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For those students who want to push their analytical skills, I offer you an opportunity to choose a line or section of the short story and analyze it for its deeper meaning.  Analyze it like you would if I selected it for part of the exam.

Here’s a link to the short story: http://www.calapitter.net/dead/39/scarlet_ibis.html

Commercial Analysis January 4, 2010

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Here is where you post your responses to the commercials you have viewed.  If you could put up a video link of the commercial you’ve watched, that would best help us to understand your paragraphs.

Remember you are writing two paragraphs: The first is WHAT does the commercial make you feel.  The second is HOW did the commercial influence this feeling.

Think deeply and analytically.  This is only for 1st, 2nd, and 5th hour.

**EXTENSION OPPORTUNITY FOR WILLING STUDENTS: Will students interested please write down off of their Facebook livefeed their status message and the status message of 10 friends?!**