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Commercial Analysis January 4, 2010

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Here is where you post your responses to the commercials you have viewed.  If you could put up a video link of the commercial you’ve watched, that would best help us to understand your paragraphs.

Remember you are writing two paragraphs: The first is WHAT does the commercial make you feel.  The second is HOW did the commercial influence this feeling.

Think deeply and analytically.  This is only for 1st, 2nd, and 5th hour.

**EXTENSION OPPORTUNITY FOR WILLING STUDENTS: Will students interested please write down off of their Facebook livefeed their status message and the status message of 10 friends?!**



1. Sara - January 4, 2010
2. Sara - January 4, 2010

this commerical kinda made mcdonalds seem like a nice welcoming place were families can come and be with their children and families. It made me feel like i can go to mcdonalds with my family and it would be nice because they treat you like family

3. Mohamed Sayegh - January 4, 2010

I watched a twix commercial and the twix bar was so good when they zoomed in. the texture of the twix bar up close and all the caramel comminig out from the sides. This comercial made me feel hungery because when they zoomed in on the twix bar and they showed all the caramel spilling from the sides and the choclate was so smoth. It made me feel like it was literly in my mouth

4. Mohamed Sayegh - January 4, 2010
5. Aya Awada - January 4, 2010

The commercial “the Nestle toll house cookies” was really intresting. It made me stop what i was doing just to pay attention to it. It was when kids were doing there homework and they needed a break. So, they stopped what they were doing and went to eat the home made chocolate chip cookies. The cookies on the commercial looked so soft. This commercial made me feel hungry. it also made me feel like baking cookies with mini hersheys.
The Commercial influenced my feelings because theyy were saying that the cookies were soft. also, the kids that ate the cookies ate them in a slow motion that made the cookies look great to eat. While eating the cookies, the chocolate melted in there mouth. This all made me hungry and i was in the mood of eating the Nestle Toll house cookies.

6. Khalil Aljahmi - January 4, 2010

The commercial that I watched was the avatar trailer and i thought that the movie was great. I thought that because the creators of the commercial showed the most intense parts and parts that you would want to go and see in theaters.

7. ALAA NASSER - January 4, 2010

i watched a commercial of perfect brownies it made me feel happy because i love brownies and hungry because its all chocolaty and ice cream brownie. it also made me feel exciting because of the feature it had for an example the amazing animation shape also the square cutter.the animation shape were cool and the square cutter was amazing.
it accomplished me form buying this advertisement on the TV. it was a good commercial and it accomplished by making prefect brownies instead of bad or ruined brownies.this commercial fall in love with brownies and made me what to get it.

8. Amani mustafa - January 5, 2010

I watched the caramel twix commercial I got hungry and was so tempted to have a twix bar. After watching this commercial I started to crave choclate. It was like a sugar rush and I needed a twix bar.
The commercial influenced my hunger because when it shows a close up of the twix and the caramel coming out it makes you hungry and then your just tempted to have one. Also, because in the commercial the kids in the car look like their really enjoying the candy bar and throughout the commercial it describes how the candy bar is chewy and has a great cookie crunch which makes me crave it.

9. hussein elkhatib - January 5, 2010

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mrrwRj5nEg <–The comercial i watched was about Nestle Toll house cookies. This commercial makes me feel hungry. It also makes me in the mood to eat cookies and not do anything, or stop what i am doing. It also makes me wanna be with my family and friends and hang out with a big tray of cookies right next to us.
The reason i feel this way about this commercial is because when i seen the commercial the first thing tht comes up are the words "Take a break America", and i wuz doing many things at the moment, so it got my attention. Then when the mother brings the cookies for the kids, it made me hungry and wanting to be with my family and friends eating cookies. The last and most important reason wuz the muzik, that really got my attention (:

10. Wall-E - January 5, 2010

I watched this commercial on diffrent phone rings that can change your mood. it made me feel happy and laph because of the old lady that had the ringtone and how she answerd the phone with “YO”.it was funny watching it. it also made me feel that i could have it cause it wasnt just americans like usual. there were “my kind” of people on the commercial.
this commercial influenced how i felt because it showed me an old lady answering a phone with a ringtone that was made for “teens” and answerd in english even though it was an arabic lady. it showed me that everyone could have a diffrent opinion even the old arabic lady. its also showing diversity by having the arabic person on it instead of the “regular” arabic people.

11. Ahmed Saab - January 5, 2010

u guys will probobaly know this commercial.http://www.metacafe.com/watch/3165837/oreo_2009_commercial/

12. Ahmed Saab - January 5, 2010
Wall-E - January 5, 2010

you have 2 right 2 paragraphs about it smart lol u ganna fail this.

13. Wall-E - January 5, 2010

um it messed up why does it say 5th when its still 8:26? i just didnt want it to seem like i did it late.

14. Nashwa - January 5, 2010

I watched the Mcdonalds cammercial and i got realy realy hunger bc the showed the big mac. and it looked so good. The Mcdonals commercial got me to want to eat there food bc they make there food look so good. Mcdonalds also attracts people bc they use the color red. studys show that the color red is what most cammercials use to get peoples attention. so yeah the commercial realy cought my attention bc they showed people eating it and smiling, which some people might get as you will become happy when eating from Mcdonalds. so cammercials infulace people and alot of people, just like movie cammercials make u want to watch them.

15. husam ateyia - January 5, 2010

the commercial i watched is a bout how you cut down on food and become more healthy with taco bell drive threw food not fast food.
it made me feel like why do they make fast food fork making people fat and ugly. they should make good healthy food that keeps everyone healthy and nice.

16. Ahmed Ayoub - January 5, 2010

the commercial i watched was about E*Trade the site is-

-This commercial just wants you to to be with E*Trade and just try it out by the two babys. I felt that how the babies talk is so cool and very realistic.

-It accomplished the commerical just about how the babies talk its very funny. By it being funny would make people want to go on the website even me to check it out.

17. Aya Abulhassan - January 5, 2010

Evian Roller Babies commercial:

~The evian roller babies commercial made me feel cheerful and merry, the babies where really cute and they made me laugh. I felt like i just wanted to grab one of them lol

~The commercial inflluenced the feelings i had because the makers of the video computerized special effects to animate the Evian babies in a way that makes you smile, and attracts peoples attention, so ya that worked well:)

18. Ahmed Saab - January 5, 2010

The commercial makes me feel happy and hungry. It makes me feel happy because the boy and the dad are laughing and enjoying their selves eating oreo cookies. The commercial makes me hungry because their licking the icing in the middle of the cookie and dipping it in milk. The oreo cookie looks so yummy and delicious.
This commercial is very tempting and makes me want to eat a bunch of oreo cookies. I want to lick all the icing because it lookes like the best part of the cookie. Then dip the cookie in milk and eat it. I want to share some with someone, like the boy and dad, and have a good time because its fun.

19. abeer - January 5, 2010

the comercial i watched was the hope* ad
-this commercial really made me think about how some people just throw away food because they dont want it or they’ll go and buy a pair of shoes for $200 nd than they might were them a couple of times and than go buy new ones. i had these feelings because it showed a group of kids standing around trying hoping that they will find something good to eat. they barely had any clothes on. this made me more grateful for the life i have and i think that everyone should be more grateful about what they have !!1

20. shadi zahr - January 5, 2010

i watched a mcdonalds comericals. i made me hungry and in the mood for mcdonalds. the way they showed the agnus grilled chicken burger i justed wanted to jump in the tv and eat it. it was funny to for example when he was about to eat his own finger accidently becasue of the way that he was holding the burger.
The way they made me think that is the way they mde the burger look so good and appealing. Eventhough when you really go buy it, it looks nothing like it. The comerical made me want to go get some from how good they made it seem.

21. Hassan Faraj - January 5, 2010

– this commercial makes me feel sad on how they would sterotype on all Pakastanis. This commercial is making it seem like there are Pakastanis out there that are bad. Even though the commercial is to show that there are good Pakastanis out there that care about whats happening I still think they did it in a racist way.

– This commercial influenced the feeling by making it like the geico commercial and instead of a cavemen they used a Pakastani. They showed a billboard saying FOX NEWS which really got me mad because more then half the stuff they say is false and racist.

22. saba - January 5, 2010

this video made me feel hungry, the way they zoomed in and concentrated on the crispy soft part made me stare at it. even though i know that its bad for me i would still eat it because of the way it looked and the fries and pop next to it just made it better. even though it was from McDonald and the bad commercials they put bad say about it i still would want to eat it.

23. Abrahem Eljahmi - January 6, 2010

yeah there was a commerical about subway it was realy a good commerical even though i knew it was bad for you i still went and boought from there that just shows that addvertisments are realy the bussniess for the company.

24. salwa - January 12, 2010

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ph-3FYxVbng this vadio is about an old gay that can’t tell between things happen around him because he is old.this vadio is in spanish and is translated to arabic for those who can read arabic can understand it for those who can’t i’ll tell u. this old man is asking his son the person reading newspaper in the vadio what was the niose around him,and his son told him that it is a bird.then tha man asks again and his son told himthat it was abird. few momunts later the lod man asks again. he asked for maybe three or four times.by the time his son got very angery and grim and yelled at him in a fireice way and told him that it was a bird.then the old man went and got a book from inside the house; it was a diary for the old man.the old amn asked his son to read it for him in a loud voice. the son starts reading” one day my 3- years old son and i were setting in the gardan and a bird came by. my son stared to ask what was that and the father asked it was abird. he asked me about 21 times and the father answerd him 21 times,and evey time his son asks his father hugs him 21 time and kiss him and say what a smart boy.

25. sandi seblani - January 13, 2010

the commercial i watched was the WAS UP arabic commercial i thought that it was really funny because the family was just sitting down, having dinner, and conversating. but then out of nowere, the phone just starts to ring randomly, playing Usher! it was the grandmas cellphone and she just answers it then says ” yo! wazz up!!” but then i notice that the mom thats sitting on the left, covers her face like she was real embarassed. i started to laugh at that! it was really funny! i liked it!

(im not sure if i posted this right or explained it correctly because i dont usually come here but this was funny. lol)

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