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Scarlet Ibis January 6, 2010

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For those students who want to push their analytical skills, I offer you an opportunity to choose a line or section of the short story and analyze it for its deeper meaning.  Analyze it like you would if I selected it for part of the exam.

Here’s a link to the short story: http://www.calapitter.net/dead/39/scarlet_ibis.html



1. Mohamed Sayegh - January 6, 2010

The Scarlet Ibis and Doodle both had a feeling of death. I think they both felt out of place, they were both in a world that they didnt really belong in. So they never really felt alive/

I think Doodles death was realated to the Scarlet Ibis because, i think as they said in the story the strom brought the bird here. So the strom chased the bird and made it get exausted, so by the time it got to Doodles backyard, he felt like he was pushed to much and he got were he didnt belong. So Doodles brother pushed Doodle to much and he made him get exhausted and he felt like he didnt belong were he was.

ammerahsaidi - January 6, 2010

The sense that both Doodle and the Ibis felt out of place is quite accurate–especially considering it was a storm that brought the Ibis to Doodle. That could require a whole other level of analysis.

Thank you Sayegh 🙂

2. Mohamed Sayegh - January 6, 2010

But i also think that, how the story said that Doodle had a heart condition from when he was born. So with his brother putting to much pressure on Doodle, he got exausted and he sat under the tree and he had a heart attack because he could not breath. And a study shows that when people have heart attacks the blood stops bumping the blood throughout the body. So the blood overflows and starts comming out the mouth, ears, eyes ect../.

ammerahsaidi - January 6, 2010

Post your research! I’d love to read about it. Remember it’s not about just saying “studies show”–it’s about SHOWING how studies show this or that.

3. hussien chehab - January 6, 2010

I say that doodle’s symbol is the scarlet Ibis because in the begging of the story it said that doodle’s body was always red just like the Ibis and when the Ibis died you knew that doodle was going to die to because the ibis is the closest thing related to doodle

ammerahsaidi - January 6, 2010

Hussien, find a quote that speaks to you and analyze that. I have to disagree with your statements above. Where did it say Doodle was always red? Pick your words carefully and wisely and THINK deeply.

4. AMANI MUSTAFA - January 6, 2010

Doodle is very much like the scarlet ibis. Because Doodle is a very special boy who is born into a world in which he has trouble living in. Doodle is then pushed and pushed by his older brother to overcome his disabilities and weaknesses. Unfortunately, this leads to Doodle dying because he was pushed beyond his abilities and he didn’t have the strength in him to fight any longer. This relates to the scarlet ibis which is a very unique bird with a beautiful red color. The scarlet ibis brought a different kind of beauty to the world just like Doodle did. It died from the storm in which the bird was trying so hard to fly away and was trying to fight the storm just like Doodle was trying his hardest to fight against the world. In the end the scarlet ibis dies because it didn’t have the strength in it anymore to fight this powerful storm just like Doodle dies from a world to powerful for him to handle.

5. shadi zahr - January 7, 2010

doodle is connected to the scarlet ibis. because the way that they both end up dying are very similar to eachother. the way that scarlet bird dies is he tried to survive against the storm that hit them. the bird couldnt handle it and gave up the fight against the world. the way that doodle died was he was tryin to overcome his disabilities with the help of his older brother.his brother was really tryin hard and pushing doodle to the max. unfortunaletly doodle finally gave up his fight against life. the way they both sied was similar and to form in which they died to. for example when the bird died it was really dark red.the way its neck was. both of those was connected to the way doodle died like the blood from his mouth was a really dark red like the bird. and the way that his neck was . they both looked weak.

6. hussien chehab - January 8, 2010

miss saidi on the moc sheet if you put a charecter as doodle and couldnt the moc catogory be REACTIONS because dont we learn about doodle from his older brother.

7. Sahal - January 8, 2010

Doodle’s older brother (I shall refer to him as “Brother”), in the short story, “The Scarlet Ibis,” makes the decision of abandoning Doodle when he needed him the most. Brother’s pride is the factor which effects his decision making. In the story, he says, “The knowledge that Doodle’s and my plans had come to naught was bitter, and that streak of cruelty within me awakened.” This means that the fact that his plans didn’t work out in the end made him very angry and his cruelty awoke and caused him to do what he did. In the story, after making Doodle row for a long time, a storm suddenly brewed up. The two brothers made a run for it but Doodle, already exhausted from rowing couldn’t take it any longer. He pleads for help but Brother kept on running. After a sudden change of heart, Brother comes back, but it was too late. Doodles had died of a heart attack. The outcome of Brother’s decision is that his beloved brother is now dead. Now, Brother will have to live with the fact that he could have prevented a death.

8. AMANI MUSTAFA - January 8, 2010

In my opinion Doodle’s older brother is seen by many people as to pushy. I do agree that he did push Doodle to far beyond his abilities,but many people are only looking at the bad thing that Doodle’s older brother did and that is push him to hard which then killed him. In fact, Doodle did die but in my opinion Doodle died happy because he died knowing that his brother cared for him and helped him overcome his tough life and disabilities. The older brother helped Doodle walk and this showed Doodle that even if he was disabled he could overcome it he just had to keep trying. Without his big brother Doodle would not have been able to walk and Doodle died a stronger happier person because of it.

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