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Community-Intervention Final Project January 15, 2010

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Post your thesis statements and ideas on this post here.

Remember, the more specific you are, the better your research.

Here’s a link to the research links found for you by Mr. Haugen: http://blog.dearbornschools.org/fhslibrary/?p=472

Here’s an important piece of advice from Mr. Haugen:

Go to library home page: http://fhs.dearborn.k12.mi.us/Library
Near top of page, just above yellow TODAY box, click on “Book (& videos) Search”

Again, best sources we have for this project will be the databases.

Use same library homepage, and then below yellow TODAY, see the Blue box “Research” section. Especially 1. Gale one file, and 4. Opposing Viewpoints.

These do not need a password in school. At home password is fordson (all lower case).
Work hard!



1. Mohamed Sayegh - January 15, 2010

My thesis is going to be how to stop terrorism./

My solution is that to stop terrorism we have to stop our own terrorism, we can not fight terrirism by becoming terrorist ourselves.
For example president Obama said he wanted to stop terrorism, but he is using the methods of terrorism by bombing and killing Iraqis to.

So we should stop amd fund peacemakers in Iraq. We should put away all our neculer wepons and teach peace to the world instead of saying it .

2. Mohamed Sayegh - January 15, 2010

Just like your saying dont tell me, Show me .

ammerahsaidi - January 15, 2010

Mohamed, I like that you’ve started so soon. I also love the message that you’re sending–it is very true and I agree 100%.

However, the assignment is to look at your OWN community closely and find a problem you could solve right here. Look at data and Google Dearborn or Detroit in the news to find problems that you may want to solve.

3. Mohamed Sayegh - January 15, 2010

Okay Ms.saidi thank you i will look.

4. Ahmed Saab - January 16, 2010

My issue is; In light of the ongoing terrorist threat, should airport security and law enforcement officials practice ethnic and to prevent a hijacking or terrorist attack?

My solution is yes; Through our past and present days. There’s terriosim happening in our community. These terrorist are muslims and Dearborn having the largest population of muslims, there’s airport security and people watching out for these muslims and possibly thinking they’re terrorists.

ammerahsaidi - January 16, 2010

Ahmed, again, I agree with you but way too broad.

Your solution is not fixing the problem–and even your problem is way too big.

If I asked you to summarize your problem in one word, what would it be? Then I’d ask you to summarize your solution in one word as well.

Remember compare your idea to LOW READING and READING FUSION at Fordson.

5. Bri`Ana Fletcher - January 16, 2010

Our group had the idea of Detroit Public Schools v.s Dearborn public Schools. The problem that we want to focus on is The math and reading scores and test taking skills in both schools.
I was think that the thesis should be,” Are there anyways to slove this problem and if so what are they?”, but I am not sure. Ms sadi can you help us?

ammerahsaidi - January 16, 2010

Thesis is WAY too general. And, it doesn’t follow the rules–you are not specifically identifying the problem you’re attacking.

Of the 3 things you’ve mentioned, choose one: math, reading, or test-taking skills. Then find out what the school in Detroit you’re researching is doing to keep their scores high (my guess is if it’s a school that allows only those who have taken a test to enter, they’re starting with people who had strong test-taking skills to begin with). Call them and see if you can interview them or someone there.

Then design the program for Fordson.

Also, sounds like you HAVE NOT followed my advice and researched Mr. Canada and the Harlem Children’s Zone. Tsk tsk tsk.

6. Ahmed Saab - January 16, 2010

Ms. Saidi, if I were to summerize my problem shortly, it would be;Should u.s. authorities use ethnic profiling in the intrest of national security and if i were to summerize my solution shortly, it would be yes, id rather be checked privately by security, than to be thought and viesed as a terrorist.

ammerahsaidi - January 16, 2010

So what’s your solution? The point of this project is for you to DESIGN a solution to a problem. A solution that we could actually start TODAY if it was designed well.

You are not following directions on the sheet (and you’re not the only one). This is part of the process and I’m glad you’re starting early.

Identify a SPECIFIC local problem that you could solve with something YOU design–not the government or a fundraiser.

Example: Problem–low reading scores at Fordson. Solution: Reading fusion program at Fordson.

7. salwa - January 17, 2010

miss i chose to write about bullying in school between students.

ammerahsaidi - January 17, 2010

Be specific: What information do you have to support that we actually have a bullying problem? Once you’ve supported that, then how will you SOLVE this problem? Design a program and name it.

8. Sara - January 17, 2010

miss can u explain wat this project is and how do we do it because ive been in the hospital and i didnt come for the end of last week…..

ammerahsaidi - January 17, 2010

Hi Sara,

Scroll to the bottom of this link and there you’ll find the breakdown of this assignment. Basically, find a problem and then design a solution.


(copy and paste the link to your browser)

And I hope everything is alright. Let me know if you need anything else.

9. Sara - January 17, 2010

thankkk uuu ๐Ÿ™‚

10. Bri`Ana Fletcher - January 17, 2010

Okay so here it is…

Low test scores At Fordson< problem
Tutoring service that teaches students to understand it in their own way< solution

Does that sound good? This was the thought… Design a tutoring group that lets kids learn about the subject in a way that they only understand.

ammerahsaidi - January 17, 2010

Great start–now let’s get even more specific. Which subject? What statistics are we looking at? Remember you have to PROVE that this is a problem to begin with.

And the solution: What does this look like? Walk me through when this would happen, where, who would teach, and how would the teaching be different then in the classroom?

11. Sara - January 18, 2010

miss does the problem have to be in dearborn michigan??

ammerahsaidi - January 18, 2010

Local–so within driving distance. Detroit/Dearborn

12. Bilal Sobh - January 18, 2010

Ms.Saidi my project is going to be about how the enrollment in Fordson has affected math proficiency and why it is happening. I am also wondering what we can do to solve this. Like tutoring and other after school programs that would help this cause.

What do you think? I think I need a little help coming up with something but i have no ideas

ammerahsaidi - January 18, 2010

This definitely sounds like a “C” grade project so far. It’s very obvious and your solution isn’t specific or unique. We already have tutoring of all kinds at Fordson after school (teachers teaching students, students teaching students, volunteers teaching students).

You’ve picked a generic problem. You need to pick a problem YOU care about. This is what I think so far.

13. Maha Alaktam - January 18, 2010

Bilingual education, a program that permits the use of the โ€œfamily languageโ€ as the primary mode of communication and instruction, is a needless commodity in the development of skill, and worse still, serves to hinder the studentโ€™s ability to become a functional member of society.

Hello Ms.Saidi,
I have decided to work on my own since apparently…several of my group members are not prepared to put forth the time and effort in order to succeed in this assignment. Here is my claim for my project. Hope you approve!


ammerahsaidi - January 18, 2010

I MUCH approve of your decision to do it yourself if there aren’t others willing to put in the time and effort. Can’t say I’ve been prouder of you ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, your claim–definitely shows that you’re THINKING and you get my stamp of approval for being ORIGINAL. So far, you’re on the path for mastery.

My question then becomes, what’s your solution? How will we take students who don’t speak English and make them “functional members of society”? You will have to do lots of research on bilingual education. And feel free to change your mind if you research and find that the opposite be true (that learning in the home language could actually help the learning process).

Make sure to back up EVERYTHING (problem and your solution) with details and data (statistics, science, etc).

Here’s a suggested article–it has a lot of big words but you obviously have the tenacity to push through difficult work:


14. Maha Alaktam - January 18, 2010

I have been thinking about this the whole weekend and finally came up with something. I am glade you like it. And i much appreciate your suggestion. Thank You ๐Ÿ™‚

ammerahsaidi - January 18, 2010

Thatta girl! You are much welcome.

15. Bilal Sobh - January 19, 2010

What if I do something similar to Maha’s project. I might do my project on the need for bilingual education because students will not learn academic material if they can’t understand the language being explained to them.

ammerahsaidi - January 19, 2010

And that’s exactly what Maha has designed. Don’t follow what others have chosen or outlined for themselves. Maha thought all weekend about her project and picked something that obviously took time to think about. You need to do the same thing and not piggy back off of her intellectual effort.

Billy–think–think deeply. What is something in your community (Detroit included) that you would want to change? It does NOT have to be a huge problem. Just something that matters TO YOU. This is the part you’re ignoring. Come talk to me after class tomorrow if you’re still confused.

16. Maha Alaktam - January 19, 2010

Hey Bilal,
I found some good topics but I will give them to you during 3rd hour so no one else could use them. I found the ideas while searching about my topic.

Hope it helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

17. Mohamed Sayegh - January 19, 2010

My thesis is going to be on how to stop obesity in detriot MI.

My soulution is that manufacturers are makiing to much games and game counsles that gets kids attracted to. So we should lower the making of counsles and put more commercail about playing outside and geting active everyday. So kids will start saying that it is fun to play outside and get along with friends and play along with friends instead of staying inside and playing on vedio games.

18. Mohamed Sayegh - January 19, 2010

Never mind that solution miss siadi

19. Mohamed Sayegh - January 19, 2010

My thesis is about how to prevet kids in dearborn from becoming obese. (obesity)

My solution is i will make a program and go to schools and tell kids about the effects of obesity. Give them knowledge about it, so we can at least try to prevent the from going into obesity.

Bri`Ana Fletcher - January 21, 2010

That is WAY TOO GENERAL!!! The problem is good but you need 5 things
Why? and maybe
What is your solution to the problem? the idea is good but there are things missing.

20. zahraa berro - January 19, 2010

ms saidi mine and ayas is about going green in dearborn like i wana show ways that we can go green send the message out there to do somthing about it

my solution will be for example cutting down on plastic, driving less to save gas and pollution eat healthy things like that ?

21. zahraa berro - January 19, 2010

thats my claim so i wanted your approval on it?

ammerahsaidi - January 19, 2010

Remember what I said: The more SPECIFIC your problem, the better your solution will be.

Pick one area of going green and really dig deep. Eating healthy? How is that going green? I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just curious.

So, think deeply, not broadly.

22. zahraa berro - January 20, 2010

oh ok i know wat ur saying i will but thats what the paper said but i will go deeper into detail:d thnx

23. salwa - January 20, 2010

ms the gale is not working it said you should enetr a password

24. Maha Alaktam - January 20, 2010

she told us the password is fordson.

25. Aya Awada - January 20, 2010

Ours is on, the droputs in detroit public schools. there is a high percent of dropouts. Many students say classes were not intresting, missed too many days to catch up, they were failing, left to become parents, left to get a job or parents were divorced. We decided to create a solution for all of these students and help them get back into school. We decided to make tutoring sessions. these tutoring sessions will help the students study, do homework and ask questions on anything they dont understand. We have also decided to make summer school for the students and make it require for them to attend.

ammerahsaidi - January 20, 2010

Read what I’ve read to other students about tutoring as a solution. This is at BEST a “C” grade assignment.

26. Aya Awada - January 20, 2010

oh ok! how about having better teachers, Offering more alternatives, more school counselors (detroit has few), more and stricter supervision, more school to home communication, and better mentoring or relationships between students and teachers.. ๐Ÿ™‚

ammerahsaidi - January 20, 2010

Pick ONE of the above and dig deep. You’re repeating mistakes that I’ve already mentioned in other comments to students–you’re being too general. The more specific you are, the better your work will be.

Sorry to be coming down hard on your group but if you’ll read my past comments, I find myself saying the same things over and over again. Therefore, I will not be commenting on ideas on the blog anymore.

Students–comment on one another’s ideas.

Aya Awada - January 20, 2010

In class u told us that is a good idea and u said u approve?/ ๐Ÿ™‚

27. Aya Awada - January 20, 2010

ohh thats okk! thank u!!:)

28. shadi zahr - January 20, 2010
29. walid awad - January 20, 2010

the website still has a major remodeling. and the eassay still ha to be finished. so much work to do. i wish there wasnt an easy. lol

30. zahraa berro - January 21, 2010

ms saidi i thought abt what u said and i kinda git it
my problem is that nobody i paying attention to whats going on with going green
for example we are using up to much gas as my sloution we are going to go to places like schools and buildings and talk about saving gas and when you save gas you save money and people will have better health
so we will give you a free bike if you participate and we will make roads just for bkies i know it sounds kinda wiered but can i give me your opinion

ammerahsaidi - January 21, 2010

Actually…I LIKE IT! Now you’re thinking.

Question: How are you going to fund the free bikes? And Dearborn and Detroit are not bike friendly cities. How will you make them so?

Now you’re getting specific and thinking about how to CHANGE behaviors.

31. Maha Alaktam - January 21, 2010

Free Bikes…hahaha…i tried not to laugh but seriously…u made me l.o.l.

Well if ur trying to go green…so like she said pick one…health or gas? dont go off topic…

walid awad - January 22, 2010

well actually she can have both. she can tell us why not to use gas and to green and the health benifits. like mucle growth and exercise wich in the long run will also reduce polution in this city while going green and because detroit is one of the top ten cities for obesity it might lower that as well. so its like a trio. i guess what im trying to say is that going green would have more then one impact on a city. good luck!

32. walid awad - January 22, 2010

can we bring are laptops to class cause the laptop is actually for the project. and were saving everything onto it.

ammerahsaidi - January 22, 2010


33. Amani Mustafa - January 23, 2010

Ms.Saidi I wanted to ask u if I could add charts in my writing for the demographics.I want to be able to set up my writing the way I want it. Is that ok?

ammerahsaidi - January 24, 2010

Yes, do as you please. Just make sure to follow the rubric.

34. Nashwa - January 24, 2010

miss we have created a solution. we will provide them with real life oppurtinuites. we will plan two field trips. one 2 a gas station and other horbel jobs and one two a company then the students will see what will happen to them if they dropout. also to get the money we will make a bake sale at one of the detroit public schools and we will tell the people that this money is going to help the school.

35. Souha.Khachihce - January 26, 2010

how about something about people and there obeisty? i want to talk about these people are putting their life at risk. they are causing blood clogs in their vesicles and there heart will beat slowley becaue of all the fat surrounding the heart. obesity will cause the more chance of heart attaks and high chelostrial and dibeties. we should try to stop this because we already the 2nd obesity state in america and even kids our age have the same problem in our dearborn public schools. some way i want to try and stop this is by first i want to find the best food diet plan out there that shows actual proof from real normal everyday people instead of paid actors that just talk about what this food plan does. if we can find answers from normal people this will show to obeis people that this actually works and we will be able to help then give it a try. the same thing with excersis machines. because the fatter the people get the lazier thay get. so we also have to try and find the best ways possible to get these people back and up on there feet with machines that actually help them in a quick easy way instead of a long painful way.

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