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1. Maha Alaktam - November 30, 2009

I had some few questions about the elements of fiction sheet. I did not understand the story and it did not make sense to me. So over the break, I read it again and I still did not understand it. So I was wondering if you can maybe explain it to us tomorrow in class and give everyone an extra day on the homework?
Please and Thank You goes a long way! =)

2. Aya Awada - November 30, 2009

Hey Ms. Saidi
i didnt understand some parts on the elements of fiction. may you please give us an extra day 2 do it. i searched it online but that didnt help.

3. Nebal Hammoud - December 1, 2009

Hey Ms. Saidi,
In Sonnet 130, I believe that Shakespeare is discussing how his girl is NOT beautiful by her appearance, nor by her soul or behavior because she was dying. I think he is trying to say that he can’t hear her anymore and is explaining how pale she looks as a ghost because she is died. When Shakespeare says,
” I love to hear her speak, yet well I know
That music hath a far more pleasing sound;
I grant I never saw a goddess go;
My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground:…”
Shakespeare is telling the readers that he would love to hear her voice one more time, but he cannot because of her death, and when he says, “I grant I never saw a goddess go,” he is saying he would of never pictured the day that his lover died before him. And finally, when he says, ” My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground:” he is saying that she fell to the ground, because of her weakness of dying.
~ That’s what I think after reading the sonnet.

4. ammerahsaidi - December 2, 2009

Can you tell me more about the line: “My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground.”

Break every word down and then put it in your own words for me. Thank you!!!

5. Ahmed Ayoub - December 3, 2009

hey ms.saidi, on the homework for tonight when i searched famous soliloquy the results i got were “to be, or not to be” but u gave it as an example in class may i still use it?

ammerahsaidi - December 3, 2009

Yes…I only gave you one line of it. Good to ask though.

6. Maha Alaktam - December 4, 2009

hey ms.said, when i was reading the Othello book,i could barely understand some of the things said.So i was wondering maybe we can discuss it in class tomorrow? There r some words i tried to break down by using context clues and past reference but there r a few i never got.

ammerahsaidi - December 4, 2009

How many times did you read it? And were you taking notes on things you DID understand (and of course things you didn’t)? Also, have you Google’d a summary of Othello? These are all ways you could help yourself.

You can read comments other students have made in other classes. One student read the Act 4 times.

7. Ahmed Saab - December 6, 2009

hey ms.saidi,for the homework on methods of characterization for othello, can we use the whole book to help us or just act 1?

ammerahsaidi - December 6, 2009

Let’s stick with just using proof from Act I for now.

8. Nadeen Ajami - December 6, 2009

Hey Ms.saidi, I was rereading Act three and i came to the part where Iago repeats the line “put money in thy purse”,i know its a metorphor but i forgot what it meant exactly.

ammerahsaidi - December 6, 2009

Why don’t you google the line? Never look to me for a straight answer like that. All I’ll ever do is ask you more questions until your arrive at the answer yourself.

9. Omar Gebara - December 6, 2009

here is the website Ms.Saidi: http://absoluteshakespeare.com/

10. Ahmed Ayoub - December 6, 2009

Hey Ms. Saidi was i supposed to read all of act one then do the worksheet? or read all of act one and two and the w.s?

ammerahsaidi - December 7, 2009

Only reason I’m answering this simple question is because I know you were absent Friday: Just re-read Act I and then complete the sheet. Follow all directions and use lots of details.

11. Ahmed Ayoub - December 7, 2009

alright, thanks.

12. Aya Awada - December 7, 2009

Hi Ms. Saidi
For the MOC worksheat cant we describeOthellos wife (desdemona) as being brave.?

ammerahsaidi - December 7, 2009

Don’t ask me–ask your peers. Post your questions on this blog and wait for one of your classmates to respond.

I’d recommend you post not only your opinion but also WHAT makes you think your opinion is correct…in other words, textual proof.

First hour, you need to be responding to one another more. Pretend I’m not available anymore.

13. Aya Awada - December 7, 2009

I think desdemona is brave. thats because she stood up for her love. she told her dad that she knows he is in charge of her but she still loves othello. she says, ” i do perceive here a divided duty: To you i am bound for life and education; My life and education both do learn me how to respect you; you are the lord of duty.” SHe wasnt scared to say she loves Othello. She stood up for there love. However, she talked to her dad in a calm way.

14. Ahmed Saab - December 7, 2009

Summary of Act 2:
Several weeks later in Cypress, Montano and several others are awaiting Othello’s arrival by bark or ship. We learn that a terrible storm has largely battered and destroyed the Turkish fleet, which no longer poses a threat to Cypress. Unfortunately there are fears that this same storm drowned Othello as well.

Montano reveals his high praise of Othello, which is shared by many. Cassio, who has arrived, sings Desdemona’s praises. A ship is spotted but it is Desdemona and Iago’s not Othello’s. Iago suspects that Cassio loves Desdemona and slyly uses it to his advantage.

Iago tells Roderigo that he still has a chance with Desdemona but Cassio whom Desdemona could love is in the way. Killing Cassio (who became Othello’s lieutenant instead of Iago) will leave Desdemona to Roderigo, Iago slyly explains.

Othello finally arrives to everyone’s great relief. Iago decides to tell Othello that Cassio is having an affair with Desdemona’s so Iago will be rewarded whilst Cassio will be punished.

A Herald announces celebration that “our noble general Othello!” has defeated the Turkish fleet, calling on all to celebrate this great triumph and also to celebrate Othello’s “nuptial” or wedding to the fair Desdemona.

Iago learns more of Cassio’s high regard for Desdemona and Iago manipulates Cassio into drinking too much since he is certain Cassio will do something he will regret.

With Cassio gone, Iago tells Montano of Cassio’s drinking problem turning Montano’s high regard for Cassio into dust. Iago also tells Roderigo to attack Cassio. This happens, and Cassio wounds Roderigo and then Montano who was trying to break up the fight.

Othello is now awake and Cassio’s name ruined.

Othello though he loves Cassio, has no choice but to demote him from his position as his lieutenant. Next Iago comforts Cassio by suggesting he speak with Desdemona who could put in a good word for him with Othello.

Iago comforts a wounded Roderigo, telling him he has won by ruining Cassio’s name. Iago has his wife Emilia ensure Desdemona and Cassio will talk so Othello can see his wife talking with Cassio, allowing Iago to convince Othello that Desdemona is being unfaithful…

15. Abrahem Eljahmi - December 7, 2009

yeah hi,ummmmmmmmmm,just playin i wanted to ask who is herald he came up on ACT 2 SEC 2

Maysa Altimimi - December 7, 2009

a royal or official messenger*(=

16. Maysa Altimimi - December 7, 2009

What do they mean by. “Her eye must be fed; and what delight shall she have to look on the devil?” i know we discussed it in class.. but i re-read it and i got confused.

17. Maysa Altimimi - December 7, 2009

i found a website that summarizes specific act and scenes u might not understand. *(=

Maysa Altimimi - December 7, 2009
18. Nadeen Ajami - December 7, 2009

Iago is saying how can desdamona love a devil, he is refering to othello.Othello is considerd a devil becuase his skin is colored.

19. Nadeen Ajami - December 7, 2009

Maysa whats the website??

Maysa Altimimi - December 7, 2009
20. Nadeen Ajami - December 7, 2009

Thankss masya that helpped.

Maysa Altimimi - December 7, 2009

a simple summary of act 2 scene 2

a herald tells them that othello plans a party to celebrate there victory and his marriage to desdemona*(=

21. Nadeen Ajami - December 7, 2009

ACT2 SCENE 2 summary.

A messanger arrived with news that They have won the war. Some celabrated dancing, some with having bonfires , what ever the men where addicted to.But the beneficial news was the celbration of othellos and desdomonas wedding. All officers were invited.The wedding was 5pm to 11pm.

Maysa Altimimi - December 7, 2009

it was not a wedding it was a party they already gott marred??

22. Nadeen Ajami - December 7, 2009

oh Yeah your right becuase herald said “It is the celebration of his nuptial.” and Nuptial means marrige.

Maysa Altimimi - December 7, 2009

look at the summary in the website its a nice summary

23. Nebal Hammoud - December 7, 2009

Yeah Nadeen, there trying to get revenge on Othello because they think he “slept” with Emila. So they are trying to get Desdemona to “sleep” with one of the men. So Desdemona MUST get married, to who she “slept” with. I found it off this website:


Yeah, but why do they want revenge against a black man, Othello? Is it because she married Othello?

Nadeen Ajami - December 7, 2009

Ok Nebal, they are trying to get revenge against Othello because he married a white women, and he is BLACK. They are racist and jealous of Othello, and just want revenge. Thanks for the website, It helps me a lot and I understand the book a lot more clearer. 🙂

Saba Hassan - December 7, 2009

Hey Nebal, this is Saba from 4th hour, and i was just roming other classroom hours to see if they had the same ideas on what i thought. and i happened to pass this one. Iago wants revenge on Othello because Othello chose him to be his ancient, and chose Cassio to be the luetenant, and iago has been working for iago for a long time, so he thought he deserved to be his luetenant, and not the ancient. thats why iago hates othello. read page one of act one. its in the paragraph where iago speaks. Also, rodrigez despises othello because othello got the chick, desdomona, that rodrigez wanted in the first place, but brabantio brutally refused his proposal to her. Thats why they hate him. Hope that helped! Luv you=)

Nebal Hammoud - December 8, 2009

thanks 🙂

24. Nebal Hammoud - December 7, 2009

Oh yeah no problem Nadeen, anytime ily! And thanks for your answer, it helped me understand Act 2! 🙂 ❤

25. Nadeen Ajami - December 7, 2009

lmaooo anytimeee(;

26. Nadeen Ajami - December 7, 2009

Yeah, no problem Nebal and ILY 2! The class blog helps me understand more! 🙂 ❤

27. Nebal Hammoud - December 7, 2009

Why did you comment two times?

28. Hassan Faraj - December 8, 2009

ay guys do we re-read wat we read today or read the next scene.?

29. Aya Abulhassan - December 8, 2009

You read the next scene.. which is Scene 2 Act 2

30. Aya Abulhassan - December 8, 2009

O sorry we finish the whole thing..act 2 scene 2 and 3

31. Hassan Faraj - December 8, 2009

alrightt thanks alot Aya

32. Hassan Faraj - December 8, 2009

On act 2 scene 3 wen Cassio mentions God’s above all; and there be souls must be saved, and there be souls must not be saved. Does Cassio mean by this that God chooses who lives and who doesn’t.? Then also after that he mentions that he hopes to be saved and God forgive us for our sins.! Is he saying that he regrets hating on Othello and being racist to him or what.? I’m getting a little confused by this and dont understand where hes coming from by these statements.

33. Nadeen Ajami - December 8, 2009

when cassio says “God’s above all; and there be souls must be saved, and there be souls must not be saved.” he saying there are good souls that deserve to be saved and there are bad ones that should not be saved becuase of the sins they have.
When cassio says he hopes to be saved, he says this becuase hes going to get drunk and hopes to be saved from god because of the sins he might comment while being drunk.And hes asking god to forgive them for thier sins they commit while being drunk.

34. Omar Gebara - December 8, 2009

i dont get it

ammerahsaidi - December 8, 2009

Ask specific questions–remember we don’t like anything GENERAL.

What don’t you get? State a line or something.

35. ammerahsaidi - December 8, 2009

Btw, glad some of you have discovered this online learning community. Make sure to visit the tabs of other hours.

36. Amanda Fawaz - December 8, 2009

Iago is filling Othello’s head with lies about Desdemona. Iago acts likes he Othello’s friend. Iago is a two-face.

37. Ahmed Saab - December 8, 2009

i think iago is really smart and is going fool and ruin everyones lives, of the people he doesnt like, one by one. hes such a evil genious and is going to get wat he wants and use peoples weaknesses against them, like cassio with the alcohol.

Omar Gebara - December 8, 2009

yes, i agree with ahmad, i think iago is very smart and i do think he is gonna ruin everybody’s lives.

38. Ahmed Saab - December 9, 2009

im predicting that iago is trying to start a problem between cassio and othello,and othello and desdemona because i think hes going to try to get cassio to sleep with desdemona or at least frame them because he secertly loves her,that way othello will get reallly angry and eventually make him do somthing he wishes he has never done[like murder].

39. Amanda Fawaz - December 9, 2009

i think its ironic how cassio keeps calling Iago honest. either cassio is saying that because he really believes it or because cassio is on to iago. i think its because cassio truely believes he is honest

Saba Hassan - December 9, 2009


40. Nashwa - December 9, 2009

Ms. Saidi what happens if we lose our book am not saing i did but i think i left in my locker or in my 2nd hour

41. Ahmed Saab - December 9, 2009

thats true cause iago comferd cassio in act 2 when he was drunk and told him to solove his issue ,of losing his place as a leutenent, by talking to desdemona. So he just thinks hes honest and wants to support him, but he really doesnt.

42. Ahmed Saab - December 9, 2009

nachwa, if u payed for it, its already ur book .Youll just need to buy a new one.

43. Nashwa - December 9, 2009

oh ok thanks

44. Omar Gebara - December 9, 2009

i think iago is making himself look innocent and is trying to cause problems.

45. Ahmed Saab - December 10, 2009

yeah,i agree with omar,hes causeing most of the conflict in the story.

46. Nebal Hammoud - December 10, 2009

Is there an actual play or movie for Othello?

47. Ahmed Saab - December 10, 2009

yeah its written by william shakespear and he wrote romeo and juliet and theirs tons of plays and movies, so id say the same about othello.

48. Nebal Hammoud - December 10, 2009

Oh, okay. Just making sure Ahmed, and thanks! Anyways if anyone wants to watch the movie online just click on the site below. I found it off Ovguide.com.


Nebal Hammoud - December 10, 2009

Sorry guys, its a really old movie.

Nebal Hammoud - December 10, 2009

And it’s not it. The real Othello movie which was made in 1995 is rated R.

saleh - December 10, 2009

u have to pay to watch this movie

Nebal Hammoud - December 10, 2009

lol, no not on ovguide 🙂

49. Amanda Fawaz - December 10, 2009

“Men should be what they seem; or those that be not, would they might seem none!” quote said by Iago. i think iago is trying to make it seem like he, himself the ways he acts towards othello is how he really is. but we the audience no that thats not true but the characters so far are believing his lies.

50. Nashwa - December 10, 2009

Iago is alway acting like a two face because he doesnt want anyone to know what he realy is but i agree with you Amanda

51. salwa - December 10, 2009

Iago is possibly the most heinous villain in Shakespeare, Iago is fascinating for his most terrible characteristic: his utter lack of convincing motivation for his actions.

52. aa - December 10, 2009

i agree . but maybe his motive has yet to come. or he could be insane

53. Omar Gebara - December 10, 2009

Ms. Saidi i told u that othello will kill desdemona and then kill himself

54. Ahmed Saab - December 11, 2009

hi i dont know what to say?

55. Ahmed Saab - December 11, 2009

i think this story is all about jealousy. Everything that happend in this story was an effect of jealousy. Iago being a manipulative evil genious, is who brought this story to be interesting and caotioc. Overall, people die from his dishonesty and his cruelty. Eventhough hes a horrible person ,hes what brought this story to life and death. AND STILL DOESNT ACHIEVE ANYTHING!

56. Nebal Hammoud - December 11, 2009

Yeah, I agree with you. It’s all about jealousy and racism.

Nebal Hammoud - December 11, 2009

And why does the web site have today as December 11, when it’s really December 10? That’s weird…….

57. Ahmed Saab - December 11, 2009

i dont know its always been like that?

58. Maysa Altimimi - December 12, 2009

Ms. saidi i have to write an essay for social studies and the teacher said it would be a goodd idea to have another teacher check over it for me. can i bring it to you Monday after school. it due Thursday

ammerahsaidi - December 12, 2009

Of course, bring it over.

Maysa Altimimi - December 12, 2009

thank you*(=

59. Ahmed Saab - December 12, 2009

hey ms.saidi for the comic strip homework, im confused on wat to do. i dont understand wat extactly to put in the boxes and how to do it? Can u please explain???

ammerahsaidi - December 12, 2009

You’re re-telling the story through pictures and short phrases. Here’s an example (you don’t have to be this detailed at all): http://edisonclass.wetpaint.com/page/Sample+graphic+novel+pages

Remember to ask yourself what’s the point of this assignment? It’s not graded–it’s just a way for you to check and make sure you understood the whole play. Do you understand?

60. Ahmed Saab - December 12, 2009

ohhh its not graded

61. Ahmed Saab - December 12, 2009

thanks ms.saidi

62. Nebal Hammoud - December 13, 2009

Ms. Saidi, how many paragraphs, does the essay have to be?

63. Nashwa - December 14, 2009

i think its a five paragraph essay just like our old essay

64. Maha Alaktam - December 14, 2009

hey were we supposed to pick a scene from the story and describe it in the comic thing or describe the whole story…???

65. Maha Alaktam - December 14, 2009

r we supposed to do both sides front and back..????

Aya Awada - December 14, 2009

no ur suppose to use the paper to describe the whole story by drwaing pics. u can write captians under them.

66. Maha Alaktam - December 14, 2009

oh ok thnnxxx =)

67. Nebal Hammoud - December 14, 2009

Essay Question for Homework answered:

According to the Quran, when someone is accused of adultery, there must be four witnesses who actually witnessed the actual act of fornication in order for the fornicator to be punished. The testimony of two women is worth that of one man. Muslim scholars say is due to how emotional women may become. The witnessing of the act of fornication as proof related to the play, Othello by Desdemona being accused of using adultery or cheating on her husband with Cassio. The women in both the Quran and the play are more insulted or more punished for any form of adultery. It is important because, in the Muslim society, and the days during William Shakespeare, women were treated more unfairly. The status of women was similar, and it was double the punishment for a woman to cheat on her spouse. Desdemona got punished for adultery from Othello, by going through the stage of death. Muslim women would also get punished for adultery by getting murdered, or going through some other sort of punishment. I think women get double the punishment because; there is more innocence when it comes to a lady. A male doesn’t have innocence and can’t get any proof of adultery like the way a women can. The emotionality of women is a factor in their testimony by their status being lower or inferior to men. It creates the women to feel lower in society, and living in an unfair world. The emotion that the courts are trying to protect against males, and females receive more of the blame when it comes to adultery, because “two women is worth that of one man”. This is related to the play, because Othello automatically believed Iago’s rumor of Desdemona cheating on him. Then, Othello killed his wife with a lacking amount of proof. Even, though Cassio cheated on “his girl” he did not get in trouble at all, and no punishment.

68. Hassan Faraj - December 14, 2009

so ay wat do we do on the comic strip.? we summarize the whole story in little comics.?

69. Hassan Faraj - December 14, 2009

also is the essay for the homework suppose to me typed or can it be written?

70. Maha Alaktam - December 14, 2009

hey Nebal, where did u find that and like Hassan said, r we supposed to do the essay for hw….if so….is it supposed to be typed or hand written b/c we werent given much info in class about it….so i dont understand it?!?!?!?!?!

71. Maha Alaktam - December 14, 2009

wait the essay given to us today is the essay on Wednesday we r doing in class….right?!?!?!

72. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

was Emilia involved in the witnessing of the fornication???

73. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

how about Roderigo???

74. Nashwa - December 15, 2009

The Quran stays that if or when someone is accused of adultery the must be 4 witness of the actual act in order the person to be punished and 2 women are worth 1 man this connect to the play Othello by des. was accused of adultery but the olny porf they had was iago so tec. the was only 1 or 2 witness if you inculed Rod. Also it connects to the play by show that women didnt have alot of respect back in the day one porf would be that the Quran stays that 2 women are worth as 1 which mean that each woman is worth a half (if u cant do the math jk) of a men and they didnt real respect or belive the women. Another reson would be that in the play othello belived iago right away which means he didnt have alot of confidce in himslef and des. also he didnt confrent des. right away he jumped to concultions without going thought it all and having more prof. the Quran also stays punishment most punshment would be murder that if ur married if ur not then i think u r torchered am not sure anyway des. pushment was death.in the 2nd qestion it say what emotion r the courts trying to portect against? i thinkby the court they mean the main people (right) so the court is trying to state a posstion if one person does or commits adulter then there will be a pushment to both by that they are trying to theratans people with death or different thing so people wont commit these kind adultery. over all i think all of this conect ot the play Othello because iago is the only1 who pored that des. was commited adultary and the quarn stay there has to be 4 also the pushment was the same in the book because othello kills des. and that was her pushment. =)

75. Hassan Faraj - December 15, 2009

nashwa is the essay due tommrw.?

76. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009


Like said in the Quran, there must be four witnesses who actually witnessed the actual act of fornication for the fornicator to be punished, this connects to Othello because in the story, Iago, Desdemona, Cassio, and Roderigo were witnesses of Desdemona and Cassio. It is important because without the enough truth you can not put the puzzle piece to be able to see the picture. Step by step, you will make it to the top of the staircase being able to see every detail below you.If this fornication is not seen by four people, then he/she is punished for his wring doings’ said about the fornication. The emotionality of women a factor in their testimony is more sensitive then in a mans’ perspective. This is more effected in a woman then in a man. It makes the woman feel like they are less powered then anyone in society, making them feel like they are in a lower level. The emotion courts try to protect against male and female who will face more punishment against their consequences or actions. The fact that “two women is worth that of one man” is self explanatory that the memory of two women is equal to the memory of one man. This connects to the play because with Iago telling Othello that Desdemona cheated on him by going with Cassio, the emotions and reactions Othello would have been different then if Desdemona had heard that. Desdemona would have taken it serious without thinking of past times with herself and Othello because women are more sensitive. But on the other hand, Othello did not believe Iago right away without the facts. But then he asked Desdemona for the handkerchief and without a doubt he thought Cassio had had it since Desdemona stuttered without a right away answer. Then believing it since Iago told Othello in more detail about Desdemona and Cassio. When the scene of Othello smacking Desdemona thinking she is acting as if she does not understand what Othello was saying to her. With that, her reactions were questions making Othello very emotional about what had happened. With a deficient amount of proof he kills her for doing what she did and then no later, he commits suicide.

77. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

That is my homework essay ^^^ =)


78. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

The essay should be done just in case since it was said to be done for homework b/c it was on the board under HOMEWORK!!! ^_^

79. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

It shoud be done on the blog b/c the homework was ” Blog:Essay Question” but it did not say when it should be done so…..ya u should do it……!!!


80. Nebal Hammoud - December 15, 2009

Yeah, Hassan and Maha, the essay question for homework was suppose to be posted on the blog, and I think also typed or hand written. I just copied and pasted what I wrote on the blog and printed it, so I suggest you do the same. And, I know there wasn’t that much time in class to discuss it, but I just followed her homework on the board.

81. Nebal Hammoud - December 15, 2009

Oh and good job Nashwa and Maha 🙂 !

82. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

I did the same thing and I did not know whether to print it blog it or write it so i am just going to do what u did!


83. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009



84. Hassan Faraj - December 15, 2009

According to the Quran, when someone is accused of adultery(zinnah), there must be four witnesses who actually witnessed the actual act of fornication in order for the fornicator to be punished. Also, the testimony of two women is worth that of one man. This, some Muslim scholars say is due to how emotional women may become. The witnessing of the act of fornication as proof is related to Othello by Desdemona being accused of adultery or otherwise “cheating” on Othello with Cassio. It was important because women went through a lot of stuff and had a lot of consequences. Desdemona got punished by getting killed by Othello. Emotionality is a huge factor in their testimony because if the women was depressed and heart broken she can just give up and say she did cheat on her husband but if the women was brave and courageous she would stand up for herself and let the truth be heard. This is related to Othello because in the story when Othello hears the rumor he right away believes it and accuses Desdemona of cheating and eventually kills her. The court is trying to protect that both men and women are treated equally. This relates to Othello because when Desdemona is accused of cheating on Othello she goes through living hell but when Cassio is to be cheating on his spouse nothing happens. Thats how the passage from the Quran relates to Othello.

Even if this wasn’t for homework this still helped me understand the book a little better and how it can relate to the world, art & literature, and self. Can we try relating Othello to another passage or thing tomorrow it would help us understand it better. Especially if we haven’t finished the book yet. Thanks

85. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

well, we did finish the book, but it was difficult understanding at some points so that is a good idea!


86. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

hey Hassan, dont forget to print it out just in case Ms.Saidi asks for it!

87. Hassan Faraj - December 15, 2009

yupp and yeah i forgot thanks(:

88. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

np =)

89. Aya Awada - December 15, 2009

According to the Quran, the holy book of muslims, when someone is accused of adultery, there must be four witnesses who actually witnessed the actual act of fornication in order for the fornicator to be punished. also, the testimony of two women is worth that of one man. The witnessing of the act of fornication is realated to Othello because Desdemona was accused of cheathing on her husband with Cassio. During this time, women were treated unfairly. The Quran says there must be four witnesses, but in the story Othello Iago was the only one that said desdemona was cheating on othello. another reason was thaat othello didnt actually sit and discuss this situation with desdemona. he suddenly believe Iago and turned against his wife.
The emotionality of women is a factor in their testimony because women at that time were inferrior to men. this makes women feel unfair and different than men. i believe that if desdemona and othello actually sat and talked about this sittuation they would get a conclusion other than death.

90. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

hey Aya u might want to print it out also! =)

91. Aya Awada - December 15, 2009

why? i mean wut do u mean on a document?

92. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

yes! just in case she asks for it!

Aya Awada - December 15, 2009

Ohh ok thanks:)

93. Hassan Faraj - December 15, 2009

Ms.Saidi my microsoft word somehow got deleted and all i have is wordpad and im not sure how to setup all the requirements so im just going to print out the paper the way it is.

94. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

hey just put it into wordpad the samething happened to me about the microsoft, it wouldnt print. but just copy and past it into wordpad and print it…

95. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

and ur welcome Aya!

96. Yasmine Abdulla - December 15, 2009

i dont get what i have 2 do 4 the essay having to do with the Quran……

wut am i supposed to do for letter a and b????

97. Nashwa - December 15, 2009

you can write it how ever u want 2

98. Ahmed Saab - December 16, 2009

According to the Quran, the holy book of muslims, when someone is accused of adultery, there must be four witnesses who actually witnessed the actual act of fornication in order for the fornicator to be punished. Also, the testimony of two women is worth that of one man. The witnessing of the act of fornication is realated to Othello by it being unrelated. Othello would of been better knowing shari’a law if he were muslim because he couldnt trust just trust one guy,Iago, thats saying all these untruthful lies about his wife,Desdemona, and best friend,Cassio.This would of made of made him look and be more smarter and more careful. Othello was trusting Iago about all these about Cassio and Desdemona having an affair. For example, Iago made up that he saw Cassio was wiping his beard with the hankerchief, given to othello by his mother. Iago knowing that Othello will get extremely mad, he almost belived Cassio was having an affair with Desdemona. Which leads to Othello wanting to kill Desdemona from his dissapointment and anger, and Iago to kill Cassio. He kills her through stranglation and didnt belive his wife he loved, even when she said,” I never did offend you in my life;never loved cassio” in act 5 scene 1,which means she never hurt nor hurt othello in her life and never loved cassio. Eventually he finds out what happens and that all the untruthful jealousness of Iago, which leads to Othello to kill himself.

99. Ahmed Saab - December 16, 2009

Can u guys tell me the 2nd ? i lost my paper

Aya Awada - December 16, 2009

part b) why is the emotionality of women a factor in their testimony? what emotion are the courts trying to protect against? how is this related to the play? Be specific and use details.

100. Ahmed Saab - December 16, 2009

letter b on the slip of paper for the quran

101. Ahmed Saab - December 16, 2009


102. Ahmed Saab - December 16, 2009

can u explain it

103. Ahmed Saab - December 16, 2009

not the anwser the question PLEASE

104. hadi yassine - December 17, 2009

can we retake the test

ammerahsaidi - December 17, 2009

Talk to me tomorrow after class, Hadi.

105. Nebal Hammoud - December 19, 2009

Ms. Saidi, my rough draft is still with you, and I need it to look at it and correct it. I also need to staple it with my final draft before school starts. What should I do?

ammerahsaidi - December 20, 2009

You should have it saved onto your computer. Some students were able to get to my class before they left.

Anyway, I did have comments on it and due to the situation, you won’t have them to look at. Start editing on your own and have others look at it and you can also post your own work here on the blog. I will make an exception and staple it to your final draft since I know your particular situation.

106. Maysa Altimimi - December 24, 2009

Ms. saidi i wanted to know if it was okay to rite 6 paragraphs instead of 5 ,?

107. Nebal Hammoud - December 25, 2009

Okay, thanks.

108. ahmed saab - December 25, 2009

yeah maysa ,ms. saidi told me that would be better

109. Ahmed saab - December 25, 2009

ms. saidi this is my essay, please let me know what you think.

“The Green-Eyed Monster in Iago”
It is the green-eyed monster, everyone has it. In Othello, written by William Shakespeare, jealousy comes between many characters and is the pivotal tool that changes the feelings of the characters towards one another and the actions that they would later take. Iago’s jealousy impacts several characters in this play.
In Othello, revenge is seeked through the manipulation and jealous mind of Iago. He caused the death of many characters, all over a job as lieutenant. In Act I Scene 1, Iago states, “’tis the curse of service, preferment goes by letter and affection, and not by old gradation, where each second stood heir to the first.” Iago resentfully explains that he did not get a promotion because Cassio was the favorite. Jobs are not supposed to be based on favorites, but the skills for the position. Cassio gets chosen by Othello instead of Iago which causes him to use his jealousy to his advantage and leads others to their death. Iago’s jealousy impacted several characters in the play, including Cassio and Othello. He uses their weaknesses against them and cleverly brought out the worst in both characters.
One way that Iago brought out the worst of each character was with Cassio. When Iago was not selected to be the lieutenant by Othello, while Cassio was, he promised revenge on Cassio. When Iago found out that Cassio secretly loved and admired Desdemona, he went and told Othello about an affair between Desdemona and Cassio. This way he would be rewarded and Cassio would be punished because Desdemona is Othello’s wife. Othello wants his “nuptial,” wedding, to happen, so at the celebration Iago persuades Cassio, this being his plan to make Cassio look like a fool in front of everyone, to drink so that he can embarrass himself, which he did. Othello demotes him from being a lieutenant, even though he cares about him. Iago’s jealousy impacted Cassio by making him make a fool of himself, and everyone observing how bad he is, causing Iago to steal away Cassio’s job. In Act II Scene 3, Cassio and Iago were together, Cassio states that he will call the others in and exits, Iago states, “If I can fasten but one cup upon him, with that which he hath drunk to-night already, He’ll be as full of quarrel and offence as my young mistress’ dog. Now my sick fool Roderigo, whom love hath turn’d almost the wrong side out, to Desdemona hath to-night caroused potations pottle-deep.” Iago wants Cassio to drink to embarrass himself, which he does.
Othello is also a character impacted by Iago’s jealously. Iago was jealous of Othello because he had a high ranking job and a beautiful wife from an upper class family. When Iago and Cassio speak about Bianca, Iago leads Othello to believe that they were speaking about Desdemona which makes Othello angrier. Iago continues to build up Othello’s jealousy through the use of Cassio. After Iago tells Othello that, “Desdemona has slept with Cassio,” Othello becomes angry and hits Desdemona for no reason, even when she said, in Act V Scene 2, “And have you mercy too! I never did offend you in my life; never loved Cassio but with such general warranty of heaven as I might love: I never gave him token.” Desdemona means that she loves Othello and never did offend him, nor will offend him; she never loved Cassio. Causing him to strangle his wife to death and to commit suicide.
Throughout the play, Othello, it is apparent that Iago wants to seek revenge. Iago’s jealously impacted several characters actions throughout the play. It is well known that jealously is the green-eyed monster that everyone has and is a disease that will never be cured.

110. Ahmed Saab - December 26, 2009

Ms. Saidi, i cant find textual proof on the capitalized part. Please help.

Iago leads Othello to believe that they were speaking about Desdemona which makes Othello angrier. Iago continues to build up Othello’s jealousy through the use of Cassio. After Iago tells Othello that, ->“DESDEMONA HAS SLEPT WITH CASSIO,”<-

111. Zahraa Berro=) - December 26, 2009

i think ms saidi is on vacation cause she didnt answer me either and its been 2 das since i posted it ?

112. Ahmed Saab - December 26, 2009

ohhh thanks zahraa

113. Zahraa Berro=) - December 27, 2009

hehe ur wlc but i really needed help on my eassy and she told me to ask her on the blog ? so wat ever i guess i just have to give her wat i have

114. omar gebara - December 31, 2009

can any1 tell me wat a rough pack is, i 4got

115. Randaa - January 2, 2010

Hey can someone help me figure out what this quote means “Despise me, if I do not. Three great ones of the city, In personal suit to make me his lieutenant, ” its on the very first page of the book.

116. Maha Alaktam - January 2, 2010

what pg is it when Othello kill Desdemona???????…i forgot :s

a rough pack includes like 3-5 drafts or as many as u want and an outline.

“Despise me, if i do not” means to hate me if i dont hate him. the rest of it means for Rod to be lieutenant…i am sure of that becuz thats what saidi told us… =)

117. Hadi Yassine - January 3, 2010

is iago jealous of cassio because hes fist lutenit????

Danielle Mallad - January 3, 2010

yes iago is jealous of cassio because othello chose cassio to be his lutenit instead of iago.

118. Nadeen Ajami - January 4, 2010

Can we have comma splices in our essay

119. Nebal Hammoud - January 5, 2010

The commercial I watched was about the iPhone3g and the site is:

~The commercial makes me feel like I HAVE to buy an iphone because of all the great apps on it. It is different, and the way the apple company persuades the viewers.

~ It accomplished the commerical by grabbing the viewers attention, and having the viewers interested in the new apple product. It is a phone, ipod, camera, etc.

120. Ahmed Ayoub - January 5, 2010

the commercial i watched was about E*Trade the site is-

-This commercial just wants you to to be with E*Trade and just try it out by the two babys. I felt that how the babies talk is so cool and very realistic.

-It accomplished the commerical just about how the babies talk its very funny. By it being funny would make people want to go on the website even me to check it out.

121. Ahmed Ayoub - January 5, 2010

Nebal i think thats a good commercial to use and yeah just by watching it makes you wanna get it, also it could make people jealous that they dont have that phone because you can do all thouse Apps on any other phone.

122. Nashwa - January 5, 2010

hey Ahmed and Nebal your commercial talking thing is in the worng spot its suppost to go in the home spot and say it there

123. Ahmed Ayoub - January 5, 2010

lmaoo yeahh my badd

124. homework needer - January 5, 2010

wat was the HW

125. .......................... - January 8, 2010

Enjoy your break Ms. Saidi!!!!

ammerahsaidi - January 8, 2010

Oh, I will certainly try! Thank you, stranger!

126. homework needer - January 8, 2010

can someone post the terms we need to know for the test

127. homework needer - January 8, 2010

u guys want to be better then the other classes. then put valuable info that the other classes will want

128. Maha Alaktam - January 12, 2010

***homework needer*** (no coment on u)
…anyways..about the hw today…idk how to do it even though i looked at the other classes comments from ur latest post….i am confused!!!


129. homework needer - January 12, 2010

i just need the terms to study for the test

ammerahsaidi - January 13, 2010

There’s the list on the Quotables wall. Why didn’t you pick one up today after school?

130. Ahmed Saab - January 13, 2010

get it from class

131. homeworkneeder - January 13, 2010

is a linking verb a prepesition

132. Nebal Hammoud - January 13, 2010

Where are we suppose to do our homework?

ammerahsaidi - January 13, 2010

Home Tab

133. Hadi Yassine - January 14, 2010

wat r the parts of speech

134. Hadi Yassine - January 14, 2010

no i mean the methods of characterization

135. Omar Gebara - January 15, 2010

anybody now wat pos means on our terms list

136. Omar Gebara - January 15, 2010

never mind got its parts of speech

137. Maha Alaktam - January 19, 2010

WOW….that’s sad if you don’t know what that stands for/means. It’s not like we have been talking about it from the beginning of the year(since Ms. Saidi has been here)…..ya that shows that you have been listening.

138. Nebal Hammoud - January 19, 2010

your so mean maha,,, lol.

139. Maha Alaktam - January 21, 2010

it was a joke…i even told him…..dont take it serious…omar u looked like u were going to cry when i told u at skool…lol

140. Nebal Hammoud - January 26, 2010

Ms. Saidi, there is so many links of you. It’s cool how you were in the news.


141. hadi yassine - January 26, 2010

wat is her new website with the projects

142. ashraf - January 27, 2010

ms please put are video up wallah come on

ammerahsaidi - January 27, 2010

Read the homepage Ashraf–I’m waiting for students to upload their videos to YouTube and then POST the links onto the website. I can’t put the video up as a file–it has to be uploaded onto YouTube first. So tell Ahmad to get on it and upload and send us the hyperlink.

143. Nebal Hammoud - January 27, 2010


144. funny person (: - January 27, 2010

Hey, can you post ahmed and his groups video? please (: bye.

145. youssef fakhreddine - January 28, 2010

msam i passing your class

youssef fakhreddine - January 28, 2010

i meant am i

146. Maysa Altimimi - February 2, 2010

Ms. saiiddi wallahh i lovee the readinng and rittinng class.. Im gonnaa learrnn somethiing*(=

147. Ahmed Saab - February 12, 2010

Hey Ms. Saidi im glad ur still teaching and i hope u continue to teach at fordson cause u really taught us somthing and u were a really awseme teacher!!

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