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1. mohammad MAZLOUM - November 30, 2009

miss ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i lost my elements of fiction sheet
so what i can do
missin u miss

2. hadi zbib - December 1, 2009

Ms.Saidi i didnt turn in the Racism papper today , if i finish it for homework can i turn it in tomarrow ?

ammerahsaidi - December 1, 2009

Why did you not turn it in is my question?

walid - January 3, 2010

hi how r thy ms. saidiess

3. hadi zbib - December 1, 2009

i was being lazy

4. wedad - December 1, 2009

for the research were doing about william shakespear can we write down some quotes? and just describe them.

ammerahsaidi - December 2, 2009

For the purpose of knowing him, I don’t mind at all if you quote him and analyze his work. More power to you. But make sure you also learn factual information on him: date of birth, death, his era, etc.

jason derulo - January 3, 2010

i can believ it

5. saba fitahey - December 2, 2009

In Shakespear’s sonnet 130, Shakespear was trying to say that he dodesnt care about how his girl looks and he accepts her the way she is and happy that shes her girl. when he compares her eyes to the sun he is saying that her eyes might not be shiney and bright as the sun, but they are beautiful to him. The part that caught my eye wwas when he said “I love to hear her speak, yet well i know that music hath a far more pleasing sound”, im confused in this part but i think that it means that even though music sounds better he would still love to hear her speak. I got confused because after he stated that part he stated “I grant i never saw a goddess go; My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground:”, because it had me think that shes dead.? Before i got to the last two lines i thought the opposite because all he was saying is that she isnt perfect and doest look the way he wanted her to look, i thought he didnt like her because of the way she looked. The theme are the last two lines when he says “And yet, by heaven, i think my love as rare as she belied with false compare. This quote is what connected me to get to all the thing i’ve said because the quote means that love happens and all the things he compared her to werent the right things he was suppose to compare her to. I think that he meant that he was suppose to compare her to personalities instead of the way she looks.

6. hussien chehab - December 3, 2009

Ms.Saidi i am typing in the word soilguy but nothing is coming up but i think that i wrote it down wrong but i will keep trying

ammerahsaidi - December 3, 2009

The word is soliloquy…with a Q not a G

7. abeer - December 3, 2009

hi ms.saidi do you want us to print out any soliloquy or does it have to be by shakespeare and do you also want us to definr what a soliloquy is ???????

ammerahsaidi - December 3, 2009

I’d prefer if you wrote it out (since writing things out will help you think about them), and yes, define what a soliloquy is.

8. Hussein Eid - December 3, 2009

Do we need to print out a examply of a soliloquy or should i just do it and bring it in

9. wedad :) - December 3, 2009

ms.saidi for the essays were going to be doing does it have to be about william shakespear? or can it be about the play Othello?

ammerahsaidi - December 3, 2009

Anything related to the play.

10. wedad :) - December 3, 2009

and can we reply on other class comments?

ammerahsaidi - December 3, 2009


11. abeer - December 4, 2009

Hiiiiiiii Ms.saidi ,I just finished reading act 1 it is good but there are some words that are so confusing and i already think i know why desdemona. but theres a scene in which i didnt understand completely that i’d like to talk about tomorrow in class

12. abeer - December 4, 2009

sorry didint finish my sentence i understand why desdemona fell in love with 0thello and i also think that it is mere jealousy that has over come Roderigo and that is why he hates fortunato because he doesnt see the difference in their personalities.i also think that brabantio is very racist when he said: “the wealthy curled darlings of our nation,would ever have , to incur a general mock, run from her guardage to the sooty bosom of such a thing as thou, to faer, not to delight judge me the world, if its not gross in sense that thou hast practised on her with foul charms.” i agree and disagree at the same time with what barbinato just said. i agree with him because this relates to us muslim girls because our parents would kill us if we ran away with some guy that our parents dont know . But i disagree with him because he is saying our curled darlings i dont understand why he thinks that just because their whit and wealthy that their better that everyone else . Lol this is the longest qoute i have ever written anout a book that i have read

ammerahsaidi - December 4, 2009

You’re making connections. This is a start. Make more and more and read it more and more. Glad you’re getting into the play 🙂

13. Sara - December 5, 2009

abeer wow u wrote way to much lol and btw how can u agree its unfair for desdomana becauase she loves othello so should her dad be happy instead of almost killing othello?? 🙂

abeer - December 6, 2009

of course sara i think desdemona should be happy but imagine you in brabantios position hey if that was my daughter running away with some guy i wouldnt be so happy either ll im sayin is that he has the right to get mad at othello and at desdemona =)

14. shadi zahr - December 7, 2009

i dont no wat to do on the moc…. can u help me ?

hussien chehab - December 7, 2009

it is just like the time we did the elements of fiction sheet for those stort stories that we read,remember A Cask of Amontialldo,Casey at bat,The Interloppers,if you still have that paper go back and look at it, it will help you.

15. hussien chehab - December 8, 2009

In act two scene two and three there is a party that is going on because Othello won a war so Iago goes to Micheal Cassio, to encourage him to come join this party that is going on.During this party, Iago convices Cassio to drink wine, so Micheal Cassio gets really drunk that he gets in a fight with Rodregio.

ammerahsaidi - December 8, 2009

Hussien, since you’re one of very few students participating in your hour, you may want to join other more active and welcoming hours: 4th or 5th.

16. abeer - December 8, 2009

OMG this is the saddest story i have ever heard this article is so sad and it relates to what brabantio said on page 6 http://sweetness-light.com/archive/moslem-family-butchers-sister-for-disobedience

after reading this article i think that alot of people in our class are going to be able to connect it to the play soooo enjoy

ammerahsaidi - December 8, 2009

Abeer, please make sure to print this article. Highlight the important points and post it in class.

17. Moe Kassem - December 8, 2009

hey i just read some of act 3 and i saw on page 46, that Iago was telling Othello “o beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is THE GREEN EYED MONSTER” its what we talked about a while back. Iago also tells Othello that Desdamona and Cassio are in love. this is crazy, I have a feeling Othello is going to do somthing he really regrets

18. Sara - December 8, 2009

hiii miss saidi i was absent 2day can u plzz tell me wat u guys did in class

ammerahsaidi - December 8, 2009

We listened to the rest of Act II and today you need to read and take notes on all of Act III. Stop being absent…Abeer needs you 😉

19. Sara - December 8, 2009

moe yea he is thats what i think to especially because he looks like he really loves desdomna and how would u react if someone told you that someone you love has cheated on you i morally think the fact is he wont belive him right away and say like no way she woulndt do that and he might spy on her or ask them for evidence but iago will already know this and find a way to prove his lie and othello with kill desdomana

20. Moe Kassem - December 8, 2009

this may sound weird but this is a lot like jerry springer, two guys and one girl, a lot of mysteriouse things going on before they got on the show, a lot of trust issues. Then eventually, at the end everyone ends up getting hurt

Saba Hassan - December 9, 2009


21. Sara - December 8, 2009

lol sorrry i was really sick i was looking forward to reading the rest in class but i couldnt and yea im going to come tommorrow to help abeer lol 😀

22. Sara - December 8, 2009

lmaooo yea moe exactly the same except theres no one there to laugh at them or jerry springer but this just shows how alot of people react and the way its wrong!!!

23. Moe Kassem - December 8, 2009

ya thats true, but you can imagine the audience as Iago, watching it all go down as they sit back and laugh, just like Iago.

24. @yah!!!:) - December 8, 2009

this story seems interesting but i dnt really understand it can anyone help me or give ma a website?
I tryed lookin for a wedsite but its not showing me wut i want

@yah!!!:) - December 8, 2009

and yes i have reasd it alest 10 times and i still dnt understand it

ammerahsaidi - December 8, 2009

First of all, stop being hyperbolic. The Disney Channel called, it wants its drama back. There’s no way you read anything 10 times. If you had and really focused, I guarantee you would have gotten it.

Second of all, your hour isn’t very active. Make sure to check other hour’s tabs for their information. Bri’Ana in 4th hour has put up a lot of links to websites.

25. Hadi zbib - December 8, 2009

In Act 2 there is a party that was thrown for Othello , During that party Iago talks to Micheal Cassio to tell him to come join the party that is going on in celebration , Iago convices Cassio to drink wine, so Micheal Cassio gets drunk then gets in a fight with Rodregio.At the end Othello yelled at Micheal and degraded him of his postion as lieutentant.

26. hussien chehab - December 9, 2009

In Act three Iago and Othello are talking about Micheal Cassio and wheather or not he should still be Othello’s Lieutenant or not. IF THERE IS ONE THING THAT CAUGHT MY EYE IN THIS SECTION IS ON PAGE 44 IAGO SAYS “MY LORD,YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU” and that quote is the biggest lie because Iago secretly hates Othello. Also on page 44 Iago says to Othello “Men should be what they seem” and thats also alie because Iago says in the early chapters “I am not what I seem”.

ammerahsaidi - December 9, 2009

Oooo, very interesting quotes. Yeah, Iago really makes me angry but at the same time, HE’S AN EVIL GENIUS!!!

27. anonymous - December 9, 2009

miss saidi you are awsome, i wish we had more teachers like you, someone who cares, someone who wants us to suceeds, and someone who understands the world. you are AWSOME

ammerahsaidi - December 9, 2009

Aww, thank you! And I appreciate that you’ve remained anonymous so I know you’re not after some grade or some praise 🙂 It feels great to be appreciated, but it’s not necessary. Again, thank you!

28. *Anonymous* - December 9, 2009

Spell check: AWESOME=]

29. abeer - December 9, 2009

LOL im lost how do i need sara??? ms.saidi i agree with you i think that iago is a mastermind but i think that he will not be able to follow through with his lieing and with his trust because all of the pressure put on him will eventually lead him to telling everyone the truth.!!!!!!!!

30. adyan - December 9, 2009

your right abeer he will eventually end up in a situation where he has to tell the truth.

31. saba fitahey - December 9, 2009

no, i dont think that Iago will end up telling the truth i think that he will kill cassio, i think that because on pg. 54 othello says “within these three days let me hear thee say that Cassio’s not alive”.

32. adyan - December 9, 2009

what i don’t get is that does cassio love bianca or not and if he does why did he say she haunts me on page 64.

33. hussien chehab - December 9, 2009

In Act IV scene one Othello gets really mad at Desdimona for losing the hankercheif and Micheal Cassio finds it in his room and gives it to Desdimona. The reason I think the hankercheif got in Cassio’s room is IAGO probably put it in there for him to find so he gets BLAMMED.

34. saba fitahey - December 9, 2009

i think he loves her but he said that she haunts him as if he sees her wherever he goes

35. Moe Kassem - December 10, 2009

you know what, i never thought i would ever be able to read shakespear again ever since a mid summers night dream, but reading this good book tought me to not judge somthing on the first try.

36. Sara - December 10, 2009

hiiii miss saidi sorrry i was absent again im very sick hopefully i can come tommorrow btw abeer yes u do need me lol and can anyone explain to me what happened today in class???

mohamedsaleh - December 10, 2009

Today we finished Act III and are homework is to read Act IV.

37. Sara - December 10, 2009

ohh thnkxxxx btw wat happened in act 3??

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 10, 2009

did you read act 3? If not, read it and you will find out what happened in act 3.

38. mohamedsaleh(saleh) - December 10, 2009

look at hussien chehab December 9,2009 and u will find out what happened in Act III

39. mohamedsaleh - December 10, 2009

at his first one not the other one

40. saba fitahey - December 10, 2009

actually i change mind cassio is playin bianca because on pg.63 iago asks him if he’s going to marry and cassio’s response was “i marry her!…ha ha ha! and when he gave her the handkercheif she gavae it back to him the next time she seen him.

41. Sara - December 10, 2009

one thing that iago did that made othello belive him was that in page #61 when iago said that he shall bring cassio to prove his point about how desdomana was unfaithful to him and othello eventually belived this because when othello was leaving the last thing barbition told him “she was unfaithful to her own father what makes you think she wont be unfaithful to you to” i belive that othello thought back on that and relized that maybe iago was telling the truth another thing is the way othello didnt listen to desdomana when she was trying to explain to him that she hadn’t done anything. i think his reaction was affected by what had happened earlier and the way iago was telling him that desdomana isnt worthy and stuff kinda reminded me of the way montressor kept stroking fortunado’s ego so he can belive him and agree with him other then anyone else

42. Sara - December 11, 2009

Iago fans the flames of Othello’s distrust and fury with Desdemona’s supposed “infidelity” by first suggesting Desdemona shared her bed with Cassio and then that her giving away the handkerchief is no big deal when Iago knows exactly how hurtful to Othello, giving away this sentimental gift is. isnt iago doing the same thing that montressor did to fortunado which is just adding to something juss as fury or jealousy and such. mainly i think iago is wayyyy worse then montressor and he seems to know exactly what hes doing….. hopefully he gets busted 🙂

43. Sara - December 11, 2009

miss saidi im acctually understanding the story and now being able to anaylaze yay!!! lol 😀

44. Sara :D:) - December 11, 2009

http://www.sparknotes.com/shakespeare/othello/characters.html this is a website i found where it shows you all the characters and describes them if there round,flat,protgonist…. its really helpful if u dont understand some of the character HOPE IT HELPS !!

45. hussien chehab - December 11, 2009

I can not belive what just happened in the story I just finished reading the story and i am shocked!!!! First of all IAGO told Rodergio to kill Cassio, so Cassio and Rodergio get in a sword fight and Cassio gets injured in his leg and he cant walk so he has a chair that he hass to sit in and Rodregio ends up being killed by IAGO. Second OTHELLO ends up killing DESDIMONA, which is something that I thought he would never do.Next Iago ends up killing HIS OWN WIFE Emilia for telling Othello the truth of what really happened.Lastly Othello ends up killing himself because he realized that killing Desdimona was the wrong thing to do. MS.Saidi if we ever have a choice of what kind of book we want to read I will always choose William Shakespeare

46. Sara - December 11, 2009

yea i knw wallah me to i was like wow iago seems like he doesnt care because he killed his own WIFE!! and hes just like a mass murderer on the loose and the problem is mainly think his actions are caused by a deeper depression which is JEALOUSY the green eyed monster or jealousy as its refered to can let people do crazy things………..
miss the book was acctually ggr8 much better then romeo and juliet because everyone is reading that and its very easy and othello is easy it just take time for u to understand the characters and the main and the words but if u practice its not hard anymore….. i never thought i would be able to understand the story at all u proved me wrong!!! 😀

47. abeer - December 12, 2009

lol glad that you finally got it sara and that is totalyy what i wuz thinking about iago he betrayed everyone and the worst thing about it is that he didnt even fell a bit bad about killing his wife or getting roderigo and desdemona killed what a black hearted man !!!!!!!

48. abeer - December 12, 2009

hey you guys didnt you notice that some of the words used in shakespeare have been used in some songs and that rap is kind of like shakespeare just with some changes because you dont understand what their trying to say unless you read it a couple of times

ammerahsaidi - December 12, 2009

Abeer, could you please write out this idea, provide an example, and post it under the Arts and Literature category in class?

49. Sara - December 12, 2009

yea abeer do that lol and yea im acctually getting it 🙂

50. adyan - December 14, 2009

miss saidi is the essay u gave us today just to show us how it will be on the exam so we can study it or do we have to answer it and is it due tomorrow

51. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

hey Adyan, u should do the essay since it was under the hw thing but even if it didnt have a due date u still due it….but do it online and print it out just in case!!!

52. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009


53. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

doing it online meaning write it on the blog….

hopes that answers ur question and all those other helpless ppl out there!


54. Sara - December 17, 2009

Miss Saidi i didnt come today to take the test will i take it tommorrow??

ammerahsaidi - December 17, 2009

Yes, after school

55. Sara - December 18, 2009


56. wedad - December 18, 2009

hi ms saidi i was just wondering if u are going to be checking on the blog over the break and can i send u my rough draft so u can read it??

ammerahsaidi - December 19, 2009

I will be. But don’t post your whole essay. Post like your intro and ask specific questions. We’ll check in chunks.

57. Sara - December 19, 2009

ms. saidi can i send it to ur email just the first paragraph and intro so i know if the way im writting is right

58. Sara - December 22, 2009

miss saidi i did my paper but i dont know how to let the header be on the first page can you pleasee hellppp me!!!!

ammerahsaidi - December 22, 2009

Ok, if you have Word 2007, you have to go to Insert at the top and click on Header (on the right half of the toolbar).

Then under DESIGN while you’re in your header, click DIFFERENT FIRST PAGE <— this button should be right in the center.

Did it work?

59. Sara - December 23, 2009

noooo it didnt

60. Sara - December 24, 2009

miss it wont work so im trying something else i ended up just writting it down and pressing enter is that okkk because i’ve tried that header and it wont work 😦

61. abeer - December 28, 2009

ms.said hi i just wanted to ask wut if we had four body paragraphs is that ok or do u want us to combine 2 of them together so they can be 3??????

62. Sara - January 1, 2010

misss my header isnt workin is it ok if i did it another way???????

63. Rafik Hassan - January 2, 2010

Do we have to type out the first draft and the second..

64. Rafik Hassan - January 2, 2010

Because i never typed them out.

65. Ali Alaouie - January 2, 2010

for the notes we took about our essay format you told us to do it single spaced but in the rubric it says double spaced, what should i do?

66. Ali Alaouie - January 2, 2010

nd is it 3 rough drafts or 2

wedad :) - January 2, 2010

it depends how many rough drafts u need nd they dnt hav to be typed

Ali Alaouie - January 3, 2010

so we can write just one rough draft?

67. Rafik Hassan - January 3, 2010

Do we have to title it Annalytical Essay?

68. someone - January 3, 2010

yeah you have to have a title

Rafik Hassan - January 3, 2010

Yea i know but what i mean is do you have to title it Annalytical Essayor something else

69. Hadi zbib - January 3, 2010

Ms. Saidi do we need to have an outline ? and should i turn in the peer edit form ?

70. rima kanaan - January 7, 2010

mrs saidi if we lost the papers can we get a copy so we can print it out here

71. Anonymous - January 12, 2010

Ms. saidi is it to late to turn in the anylitical essay for at least half credit.

72. Maha Alaktam - January 12, 2010

its way to late!!! where have u been!?!?!??!?!?!?!

73. Maha Alaktam - January 12, 2010


74. Maha Alaktam - January 12, 2010


75. Anonymous - January 12, 2010

thats what you say and your not in my class

76. abeer - January 13, 2010

she reduced 10 points from my paper and it wuz only a day late i can only try to imagine how much she will reduce from ur paper !!!!!!!

77. saba - January 16, 2010

ms. saidi can there be 5 ppl in a group?

ammerahsaidi - January 16, 2010

Who are the five?

78. saba - January 16, 2010

me abeer sarah wedad and adyan

79. ammerahsaidi - January 16, 2010

Since you five have a unique situation, I’ll allow it. But then I’m going to need proof that every individual in the work contributed a fair amount. Documentation with different handwriting, etc.

80. saba - January 16, 2010


81. Hussein Eid - January 21, 2010

Ms.saidi im trying to compare school drop out rates but im not being able to find any websites to do this. Help?!

82. hadi yassine - January 26, 2010

wat is her new website with the projects

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