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1. mohammad MAZLOUM - December 1, 2009

shull we write paragraphs for the homework or essay

2. Ali Mokdad - December 1, 2009

wat other HM other than watching the movie do we have?

3. mohammad MAZLOUM - December 1, 2009

makled u must go to google.com and then u must press on “news” ,,,, after pressing on news , u can read all world new and then pick the only interesting news for u,,, and finally u must write notes about what u read

mohammad MAZLOUM - December 1, 2009

sorry mokdad but i thought u makled ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ok,,,,, so do it its easy

4. Ali Mokdad - December 1, 2009

wat is the tittle of the story
wat should we look for, news and wat else

5. Ali Mokdad - December 1, 2009

its not essay, its just notes

6. ammerahsaidi - December 1, 2009

The fact that both of you it seems were not paying attention is highly disappointing. Not only is the homework written on the board, I also walked you through it verbally.

7. Ali Mokdad - December 1, 2009

notes about wat entersted u the most

8. Ali Mokdad - December 1, 2009

about wat entersted u the most

9. Ali Mokdad - December 1, 2009

so wats the homework ms. saidi.

ammerahsaidi - December 1, 2009

I will never answer this type of question since you could have easily answered it yourself in class had you paid attention.

10. Ali Mokdad - December 1, 2009

please, i gotta do my HW

11. Ali Mokdad - December 1, 2009

i watched the movie and took notes on it though

12. Ali Mokdad - December 1, 2009

alright dont answer my question, ill answer it my self, i have my ways!!!

ammerahsaidi - December 1, 2009

Now that’s the right spirit!

13. ALAA NASSER HOMEWORK - December 1, 2009

when i read sonnet 130 it was about the man comparing things to his girl friend,by he was describing her form her body. in the story it says coral is far more red than her lips red.another example is if snow be white,why her breasts are dun.also if hair be wires black wires grow on her head.this was and interesting text it was when he said his eyes are nothing like the sun because it was making me think of physical description however even when it says the last sentence i think my love as rare as any she belied with false compare because it saying how he loves her .

14. Khalil Aljahmi - December 1, 2009

where is the sonnet 30 located at ?

15. shadi zahr - December 1, 2009

i read Sonnet 130 it was about a man who compared parts as physical description to the girl he was talking about.
i have one question about when he says “I have seen roses damask’d, red and white” i dont know what that means.
by ms.

16. Khalil Aljahmi - December 1, 2009

never mind i remember u giving it to us in class.

17. Khalil Aljahmi - December 1, 2009

never mind i found the paper sorry.

18. hussein elkhatib - December 1, 2009

ms. saidi i read the sonnet 130 and i think it means tht the guy is saying tht his girl friend/wife is not perfect and she is nothin compared to all the beautiful things but he likes her for the falws tht dont make her perfect…”and yet by heaven i think my love as rare as any belied with false compare”

19. sahal saleh - December 2, 2009

In Shakespeare’s 130th sonnet, Shakespeare explains how his wife is not the most beautiful woman ever. For example, in the sonnet, it says: “I have seen roses damask’d, red and white, But no such roses see I in her cheeks.” He means that he has seen many beautiful roses and that they cannot be compared to his wife in that she is not as pretty as them. He also states that sometimes her breath reeks. Throughout the sonnet, he says how his wife isn’t the best, but in the end he says, “And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare As any she belied with false compare.” He says that it is better to truly be in love instead of comparing his wife to things that he knows she isn’t.

20. husam (homework) - December 2, 2009

is about a girl because in line 2 he said “Coral is far more red than her lips red” this shows he is talking about a girl because he said her at the end.i think its about a guy saying that no one is perfect no matter what color u are red or white and even if hairs be wires ,black wires grow on her head. i also think he talks about how his mistress is not perfect and no one in the world would be perfect. when he said “and yet, by heaven, i think my love as rare” that explains how he thinks no one is perfect even the girl he is talking about.

21. ammerahsaidi - December 2, 2009

Comment to everyone–you’re not writing for me. You’re writing to engage one another just like you did in class.

Also, back what you’re saying with textual proof. State your opinion, give the proof, and explain HOW the text supports your opinion–just like we’ve been practicing in your analytical essays.

22. AMANI MUSTAFA - December 2, 2009

I read sonnet 130 and really understood it. In this poem Shakespeare is describing his mistress and comparing her to many things like music, perfume, snow, coral, and so on. Throughout the poem he is criticizing his mistress, which causes us to think he hates her but, the truth is he is trying to show us that even though she isnt perfect he is in love with her.

23. mohammad MAZLOUM - December 2, 2009

sheakspeare sonnet 130, is describing a girl called coral who has a
light red colored lips referring to what he said in the second line “coral is far more red than her lips’ red”,,,,, in the second and the third line he’s
describing how ugly is her hair and how dun is her breast,,,,5th line is
saying that there is no rose look like her “i have seen roses damask’d reed and white,” also in the 6th line also comparing to a rose.7 , 8 ,
9 and 10 line is describing her speaking , odor and the breath of her,,,
at the last 4 lines is saying about his feeling toward himself after he knew
his beautiful wife “mistress” and what is the best textual proof is when he said “and yet by heaven i think my love as rare ;as any she belied with false compare

24. mohammad MAZLOUM - December 2, 2009

Shakespeare in the poem is depending on physical description by comparing.

25. Aya Abulhassan - December 2, 2009

In sonnet 130, I think shakespeare is talking about a women that he admires (his mistress). Throughout the poem he’s mentioning her. He compares her physical descriptions with things in the world for example music, perfume, snow, coral, and roses. At the end when he says.. “And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare, As any she belied with false compare”, I think this means that he adores her and she is so beautiful that nothing can compare.

26. walid awad - December 2, 2009

in the sonnet 130 i think hes talking about his crush on his mistress. and is discripbing how she looks. for instance when shakespear wrote “but no such roses i see in her cheeks. wich means she dosnt blush or she cant blush becqause shes really pale. when he discribs how he loves her and how rare it is that he had found her is and that it is like he is heaven.the last sentence says “as any she beied with false compare” this means that she lied how she was in compariesen liek she made herself sound bad. i think this because belied means to lie and we all should know what the other words are. i find shakespear not that hard but thats just me. i mean i could be totaly wroung. but i do have a really high reading level. anyway i never had any questions. i got the whole sonnet. o but r we ganna do it in class 2?

27. wall-e - December 3, 2009

ms.saidi please excuse my h.w. if its a lil shorter then the others because i couldnt really find things on sililoquies, unless i add shakes spear in front of the word =)

ammerahsaidi - December 3, 2009

Then add Shakespeare in front, Wall-e ๐Ÿ™‚

28. Jawad Bazzi - December 3, 2009

Tupac’s alias is Makaveli. Though the spelling is different, Machiavelli was a 16th century italian philosopher who advocated the staging of one’s death in order to evade one’s enemies and gain power. In Machiavelli’s book Discourses Upon the First Ten Books of Titus Livy, in Book 2 Chapter XIII he says “a prince who wishes to achieve great things must learn to deceive”. This is Machiavelli’s main idea and is the connection between Tupac and the writings of Machiavelli.

who thinks tupac faked his death?

ammerahsaidi - December 3, 2009

Great find. How does this connect to Othello? Print it out and post it on our bulletin board under Art and Lit. Glad you researched this on your own.

Bri`Ana Flether - December 4, 2009

Jawad, Im not going to lie, but this is the best thing( besides what my class writes) I read. Your comparison is so intriguing. What website did you get this off of? Post websites so that way if your class comes on here they can look at your ideas and they would be able to see how you came to a conclusion. Really good Jawad. Hey come to 3rd hours blog. I have posted up websites about Machiavelli, “Othello”, and other things. Check it out. ๐Ÿ˜›

29. Jawad bazzi - December 3, 2009

Ok and wait wallah i forgot lmao

30. wall-e - December 3, 2009

mrs. saidi im sorry i never came cause i had to get my braces done on the top and then they called me. i had trouble reading reading it in clase. it was pretty hard. ill admit that. it takes a lot of foucase. so could we go over othello act 1 scene 1& scene 2

31. Amani Mustafa - December 4, 2009

I really understood act 1 scene 2 of Othello after reading it 4 times. Act 1 scene 2 wasn’t really surprising to me because I already knew that Iago was going to tell Othello about Brabantio and how he insulted him. In fact, Iago acts like he is on Othello’s side and he really isn’t he’s just tricking him.I think Iago relates to Monstresor from” The Cask of Amontillado” because their both very slik and they know how to trick their enemies. In actually love Iago because I love how he is so clever and determined to take whats his.

32. Amani Mustafa - December 4, 2009

the date is messed up shouldn’t it say December 3???

ammerahsaidi - December 4, 2009

Make sure to help Wall-E tomorrow in class!!!

33. mohammad MAZLOUM - December 4, 2009


34. AMANI MUSTAFA - December 5, 2009

Ms. Saidi im sorry I couldnt help walid because I went to first hour today but I left home after so I missed the rest of the day including your class I wasn’t feeling good.

35. Aya Abulhassan - December 5, 2009

Its alright dont worry.. i helped her=]..

36. Zahraa Berro=) - December 6, 2009

yea right

ammerahsaidi - December 6, 2009

Oh, we’re going to talk about what happened 5th hour. She was one of my old friends and we had a nice long talk. You chose your actions and now live with the consequences.

I want only discussions on the play on this website so time isn’t wasted before the exam.

37. Aya Abulhassan - December 6, 2009

If your talking to me.. I needed to go to the restroom. I fully understand that substitutes aren’t allowed to let us out, but again, i needed to go. She said no, leaving me with no choice but to walk out of the classroom. I did not mean to disrespect her, but I had to do what I had to do. When i came back, she send me to the office and they send me back to class because they understood that it was an emergency. So, yes I did choose my actions, and im pretty sure that I can live with the consequences, as long as they are fair… in this case I don’t believe getting punished for something I didn’t intend to do is fair.

And by the way, before I got sent to the office I did try helping Walid, and told everyone to discuss their thoughts about what happened… and most of the class discussed it. You can ask your friend that, im pretty sure she’ll tell you the truth.

And Zahraa, yea right what? You need to leave your comments to yourself. Thank you.:)

38. Jawad - December 6, 2009

ya miss we got like 0 things done.

39. AMANI MUSTAFA - December 6, 2009

Looks like I picked a good day to be absent lol………………..Jawad and Aya just read it on your own since you guys got 0 things done on friday.

40. Zahraa Berro=) - December 6, 2009

lol yea amani ur right

41. Jawad Bazzi - December 7, 2009

i kept telling the annoying 3 to leave and shut up
but w.e ill admit i asked her to go to the bathroom 3 times after she said no

42. shadi zahr - December 7, 2009

I dont no how to do the moc

43. AMANI MUSTAFA - December 7, 2009

I wish i could meet this substitute she seems nice.

44. Mohamed Sayegh - December 7, 2009

Miss Saidi can i wrte in our notebook a thought like this,
Iago is preasing his wife Emily and Desdemona said she wanted to be praised to. It is on page 24

45. hussein elkhatib - December 7, 2009

omg i forgot my planner at skool and i completly forgot wat we have for homework…can someone plz tell me wat we had and yes miss i no, forgeting my planner at skool wuz a very irreponsible thing to do.

46. Nadeen Ajami - December 7, 2009

We have to read the rest of ACT2 then post a summary about it on the blog.

47. Aya Abulhassan - December 7, 2009

The word twixt means betwixt which in english translation means between.. When first gent says..Nothing at all: it is a high-wrought flood: I cannot, twixt the heaven and the main, descry the sail.
He means between the heaven and the main he cannot descry the sail.[Descry- to see (something unclear or distant) by looking carefully]

48. Sahal Saleh - December 8, 2009

In Act II, Scene I of Othello, while everyone was awaiting the return of Othello’s ship, Cassio asks to speak with Desdemona alone to speak to her about Othello. While he was talking with her, Iago notices that Cassio kept Desdemona’s hands in his while talking to her. Iago goes aside and says, “With as little web as this will I ensnare as great a fly as Cassio.” By this he means that he will make a great deal of this. At the end of the scene, Iago tells the audience of his plans in a soliloquy. He tells us that he thinks Cassio and Desdemona like each other and will let Roderigo accuse Cassio that he has ill intentions toward Desdemona. When Othello hears this, he will susupect that Cassio has slept with his wife and this will make Othello go mad.

49. MoHaMmAd MaZlOuM - December 8, 2009

the word twixt means betwixt or between,,,,,,,,,,,,and when he said “betwixt the heaven and the main” ,,,,,,,,,the gent meant between heaven
and the main.

50. Aya Abulhassan - December 8, 2009

Act 2 Scene 2:
When Herald says… It is Othello’s pleasure, our noble and valiant general, that upon certain tidings now arrived, importing the mere perdition of the Turkish fleet, every man put himself into triumph”, He means that the people have permission to dance, make bonfires, feast, and have a good party. But there was a limit to the festivities, it is 5 in the afternoon, and the party is to suppose to end at 11 at night. Herald concludes with saying… Heaven bless the isle of the Cyprus and our noble general Othello!

51. ahmed - December 8, 2009

The saying “twixt my sheets” is an old way to say “between my bedsheets

52. Amani Mustafa - December 8, 2009

I learned that throughout this tragedy Iago shows that he is a trickster . textual proof: when Iago says ” Thus do I ever make my fool my purse. For I mine own gained knowledge should profane if I would time expand with such a snipe. But for my spot and profit.” This shows that Iago is a cheat/trickster who has constantly been fooling Roderigo who is therefore gullible.(MOC homework)

53. Amani Mustafa - December 8, 2009

continued: Also, before this quote Iago tells Rod to sell all of his assets(land) and anything else valuable in order to make money because this will so called make Desdemona fall in love with him. This isn’t true Iago is actually telling Rod this that way he will take all of his money.

54. ammerahsaidi - December 8, 2009


55. Jawad Bazzi - December 8, 2009

lol ya ahmed i found the same thing.

but twixt has like 4 diff meanings.

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 8, 2009


56. Zahraa Berro=) - December 8, 2009

post websites about what?

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 10, 2009

Post websites so that the things you find online your class can use. What I mean is that if you post websites you can also help the people in your class get the same understanding you did finding what you found online.

57. Khalil Aljahmi - December 8, 2009

I think that when Iago tells Cassio to go to Desdemona and plead to her to tell otello that he should give cassio his job back is because she is the wife of othello and he loves her to much to say no when they start to talk he will trick othello in to thinking that cassio and Desdemona are in love.

58. Aya Abulhassan - December 9, 2009

Act 3:
-Cassio bids the clown to go and see if Desdemona will speak with him. Iago comes and Cassio tells him that he means to speak to Desdemona so that she may clear things up with Othello. Emilia comes out, and bids Cassio to come in and speak with Desdemona about his tarnished reputation.
-Othello gives Iago some letters that need to be delivered back to Venice, which Iago is in turn supposed to give to a ship’s pilot who is sailing back to Venice.
-Emilia sets up a meeting between Desdemona and Cassio, Desdemona advises him that she will make his relationship with her husband. Everything that she says to Othello will be of the good and kind and loyal Cassio. Iago plants jealous seeds in Othello’s mind about Cassio’s presence with Desdemona. Desdemona then forces her beloved husband to listen and pardon Cassio within three days.
-Othello agrees, for he repeatedly claims that he would do anything for his wife. After the women leave, Iago baits Othello with images of Cassio and Desdemona’s intimacy. Othello claims to have no jealousy and that he loves Cassio and believes him to be an honest.

59. Sahal Saleh - December 9, 2009

At the end of Act III, Othello is extremely angry about what Iagog says about Desdemona cheating on him with Cassio. He becomes very bad temepered and depressed. When he sees Desdemona, he asks her about the napkin that he gave to her(that she lost). Cassio later shows her the napkin. Othello is now angry and wants to kill Desdemona.

60. mohammad MAZLOUM - December 9, 2009

ms saidi sorry i can’t do the essay, because i was so busy and i couldn’t had time to do it ; so it can’t be due on friday, and if i choose it to make
and make it due on december 18,09; ms saidi i promiss u i will make the essay that it is due on 1/4/010 will be the best one in the class.

61. ALAA NASSER - December 9, 2009

during ACT 3 Iago and cassio are making a marriage to Desdemona. while that Iago told Othello about Micheal cassio. when he heard he was very angry and cassio. cassio became very bad tempered and depressed for what he have done.while cassio was crying Desdemona gave him a napkin. when he seen he was angry and he wanted to kill her.

62. Amani Mustafa - December 9, 2009

The soliloquy โ€to be or not to beโ€ from Hamlet talks about life and death and which is better. It talks about how death is only a sleep that ends all heartache and pain that life gives us. Also, how in death you dont know what kinds of dreams are coming and dreams are something to think about once your painful pointless life is over.

63. Amani Mustafa - December 9, 2009

I also posted this in 4th hour.

64. Khalil Aljahmi - December 9, 2009

Today in class I learned that Iago had told Othello many lies so he can get rid of Cassio. For instance Iago told Othello that he had seen Cassio with Desdemona’s handkercheif and says that Cassio was saying “sweet Desdemona, Let us be wary, let us hide our love” also “Cursed fate that gave thee to the Moor!” while he was asleep. Othello responded with anger and rage but still didnt belive that Desdemona was cheating on him. Othello wanted proof and Iago had a great trick that would get Othello furious and envious.

65. Zahraa Berro=) - December 9, 2009

ok so he didnt really see cassio with the hankerchief right so hes telling lies to get rid of cassio but why?

66. alaa nasser - December 10, 2009

when Iago told Othello about Cassio he was lying then Iago what to poof it so he seen them and told Othello.when Othello looked he was angry and shocked. that made Iago with a great trick.Othello was hunting for cassio.

67. Bilal Sobh - December 10, 2009

what are you saying? Iago told Othello lies about Desdemona and Cassio so that he can get him to argue with her. Iago was playing with Othello’s head and that made him look for Cassio and Desdemona

saleh - December 10, 2009

i sobh is right and also iago was trying to get othello jealous.

abeer - December 12, 2009

yea i agree with sobh but iago wasnt just trying to play with othellos head he was playing with all of the main ppl in the book so he had many faces he had a different way of projecting jealousy and hatred into everyones mind

68. saleh - December 10, 2009

i think that sobh is right
also iago was trying to get othello jealous.

69. Shadi Hagazi - December 10, 2009

Saleh and sobh are half right Iago is trying to get othello jealous but he is also trying get him to murder cassio and hang desmonda and lead him to his own demise, and finally murder othello.

70. AMANI MUSTAFA - December 10, 2009

Interesting Fact: In act 3 scene 3 of ”Othello” when Othello tells Desdemona, ” I have a pain upon my forehead here.” In this quote he is actually referring to the pain as a headache. In Shakespeare a headache is when a man has horns growing out of his head when his wife has cheated on him. I was rereading this scene and I found this out.

71. mohamedsaleh(saleh) - December 10, 2009

that is right amani did u read Act IV withch is are homework.what is one thing that u liked on it.

72. ahmed abdallah - December 10, 2009

or maybe hes referring to that he does have pain that he cant belivie she cheated on him from what iago has been telling him.

73. Sara - December 11, 2009

http://www.sparknotes.com/shakespeare/othello/characters.html this is a website i found where it shows you all the characters and describes them if there round,flat,protgonistโ€ฆ. its really helpful if u dont understand some of the character HOPE IT HELPS !!

74. Sahal Saleh - December 11, 2009

In Scene I of Act V of Othello, things start off with Iago positioning Roderigo in a place where he can ambush Cassio. When Roderigo stabs him, however, no damage is dealt because of Cassio’s armor. In the commotion, Iago stabs Roderigo and then Cassio in the legs. Othello comes and sees what has happened and after realizing that Iago has kept his word, heads off to kill Desdemona. Lodovico and Gratiano then come and see what happened. After some action, they take Cassio in a chair (stretcher), and head off to a surgeon. Bianca was also taken away to be interrogated because she was last with Cassio during dinner.

75. Nabaa Alkinani - December 11, 2009

How many Acts are in the story??? I forgot my book in my locker.

76. salwa - December 11, 2009

thare are five Acts

77. Nabaa Alkinani - December 11, 2009


78. Khalil Aljahmi - December 12, 2009

In act 5 othello kills Desdemona and then Emilia tells the truth about the handkercheif then Iago gets fustrated and kills Emilia then runs away. They eventually catch Iago and bring him back.then Othello stabs himself and kisses Desdemona then dies. Lodovico lets Cassio take Iago and touture him.

abeer - December 12, 2009

sio end up taking over othellos position

79. walid awad - December 12, 2009

what was are hw for friday. i know that is was some box thingy but how do we do it?

80. Ahmed Saab - December 12, 2009

its a comic strip, u hav to summerize the story into boxes and u dont even need to be detailed.just draw a picture and have a little explaination for each box.

81. walid awad - December 13, 2009

o thank you. thats really easy,

82. Aya Abulhassan - December 13, 2009

Is Romeo and Juliet a good topic for the Analytical essay?

83. Maha Alaktam - December 14, 2009

We r reading Othello, why would u do Romeo and Juliet…? just b/c we r reading a book from the some author doesn’t mean u go off topic with another story…(not trying to act all smart or anything)…try relating it to a theme or describe each character relating to the theme….u want to try to stay on the right path with the right topic….Romeo and Juliet is going off topic….

84. Aya Abulhassan - December 15, 2009

I know but can’t the analytical essay be about anything??

Zahraa Berro=) - December 15, 2009

ayah i think it has to be about othello like something from the book?

Danielle Mallad - December 15, 2009

Your right zahraa, the analytical essay is about the book othello. It’s like the last essay we did on any story we did.

85. Mohamed Sayegh - December 15, 2009

Iago is very selfish and all he wanted to do through out the story was to get rid of everyone so he can get othellos position. But Iago dosent really want othellos position he just wants to get rid of him and uses desdemona to get othello very mad by saying that Cassio was sleeping with desdemona. So Iago was placeing pictures in Othello’s head to make him so mad that he will want to kill desdemona.

86. ahmed abdallah - December 16, 2009

Can any one help me pick a thesis for my anylitcal essay? And what did we do in class today?

87. Amani Mustafa - December 16, 2009

All Iago wanted to do was destroy everyone who made him feel like he was not good enough in other words make him feel like he was not as good as anyone else.For example, when Othello gives the promotion to Cassio instead of Iago this gets Iago very jealous and he turns into the “green eyed monster.”

88. shadi zahr - December 17, 2009

can anyone help me by tellin me the page number where they talk bad about othello becasue he is black … i tried to find it but cant and still am lookin. the phrase goes like this “that big liped ……” i cant remember the rest

89. shadi zahr - December 17, 2009

i found it . it was on page 3

90. Nabaa Alkinani - December 17, 2009

I know this is a dumb question ut can anyone tell me what the analytical essay was supposed to be about????

91. Nabaa Alkinani - December 17, 2009


hussein elkhatib - December 19, 2009

the essay is about anything you want it to be on, as long as it is something tht relates back to the story,”othello”

92. Nabaa Alkinani - December 20, 2009


93. someone - December 23, 2009

can anyone give me ideas on what to relate the story to.

94. Zahraa Berro=) - December 23, 2009

ms saidi u see how u didnt finish checking my paper should i type it out for u and u tell me whats wrong or what cause i wanna know is anything is wring with it or not?

no name - December 27, 2009

i nedd help on what to write im very lot plz and thnx

95. salwa - December 27, 2009

you can write about characters and analys them or try to compare thing that happend in real life or in a story ou have read to the story that we have read and start to anlays it. give textual poor and support what u have read to what u are writing about.when u write try to read your essay and pretend that you don’t know the story and ask ur self oh how, who, what, where, and when.
goood luck!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

96. Zahraa Berro - January 1, 2010

ms saidi its been almost a week and i really need help u havent been answering ?

Danielle Mallad - January 3, 2010

just type out a paragraph on the blog and ms.saidi will check it for you. that paragraph will help you know wat you did wrong on the whole essay.

97. walid - January 1, 2010

im finishing the drafts on my paper its a bought Stockholm syndrome. how many paragraphs and pages should there be and stuff like that. thank you

98. no name - January 2, 2010

i need help

99. no name - January 2, 2010


100. 100th - January 2, 2010

the 100th thing said

101. zahraa berro - January 3, 2010

whi is no name and what do u need help with?

102. Shadi zahr - January 3, 2010

do we have to have an outline or can we just turn in the writing planner ? (the one with the five boxs )

103. walidw - January 4, 2010

i lost the writing planner so im just doing my best i finished it but i only did one draft and a final. omg do we need the the writting planner?

104. walid - January 4, 2010

um i lost the rubric!

105. walid - January 4, 2010

keep forgetting to wirite it all in. um do we lose points if we lost it

106. shadi zahr - January 4, 2010

walid u neeed it just make a new one on a blank piece of paper. do u no if we have to have a outline?

107. shadi zahr - January 4, 2010

u dont need a rubric it is to help you wat u need is a peer edit form literature analysis

108. Your favorite - January 4, 2010

where do we get all the papers and crap we staple it to

109. Blank - January 5, 2010

Does anyone know what order we turn in our papers??

110. khalil aljahmi - January 5, 2010

What was the homework today?

111. zahraa berro - January 5, 2010

the order we turn in our papers is the final on top and then
the out line second and then your rough draft last

112. zahraa berro - January 5, 2010

and the home work is to study for the exam that we are having on the 15th

113. Anonymous - January 7, 2010

I believe that when someone experiences some type of great emotional pain for a long span of time starting at a young age they realize how corrupt by the media or whoever the world is

114. ahmed - January 7, 2010

i think that doodle dies because he didnt make a good desicon and listen to his parents instead he touched the bird so the diease got to him and killed him.

115. Sahal - January 7, 2010

Doodle and the scarlet ibis are alike in the conditions in which they both die. The scarlet ibis dies from exhaustion resulting from the storm that blew it off course and gets buried by Doodle. With Doodle, Brother and him go out to exercise before school arrives. Brother makes Doodle row the boat for a long time when unexpectedly, a storm hits. Doodle and Brother make a run for it. Brother has a sudden change of heart by realizing that, “Doodle’s and his plans had come to naught was bitter.” brother starts running his fastest and leaves Doodle behind. doodle couldn’t make it and stopped whilst Brother kept running. Brother then decided to return and get Doodle but it was too late. Brother found Doodle lying down face down and when turned over found that: “..his neck and the front of his shirt were stained a brilliant red.” Doodle had died of a heart attack caused by exhaustion and of the fact that Brother had left him behind. Doodle and the scarlet ibis both die due to a storm, and from exhaustion in a way.

116. Yasmine Fayed - January 7, 2010

MS SAIDI (: even though i moved to a new school i thought i cud still keep in contact thru the blog. at crest wood, all my classes are junior classes except for language arts, im taking freshman language arts. they are readng romeo and julet right now. i dont have a math or a science class. my classes are economy, us gov. journalism, languagearts, and gym. wish me luck (:

117. zahraa berro - January 7, 2010

yasime and i didnt even notice that you left =] i wish you the best and good luck with your classes i thought ur going to edsel not crestwood? well watever anyways good luck byeee

118. Yasmine Fayed - January 7, 2010

haha thankks zahhraa (: โค

119. zahraa berro - January 7, 2010

your welcome anytime ๐Ÿ˜€

120. Sahal - January 8, 2010

Ms. Saidi, on the MOC sheet, we only have two boxes. We only do 2 characters?

121. hussein elkhatib - January 8, 2010

Ms. Saidi for the MOC sheet and the EOF sheet, because in the story “The Scarlet Ibis” it does not tell the name of nariator (doodles older brother)…on the papers do we just write the brother?? [=

122. no name - January 11, 2010

what iis oing to be about tmrwww plzz tell me im desperate

123. no name - January 11, 2010

what is the test*

124. Mohamed Sayegh - January 11, 2010

Ms.Saidi, For the homework today you said that we have to choose 5 bad Adjectival phrases and correct the i didnt understand. Can you please show me an example of one; THANK YOU

125. Maha Alaktam - January 12, 2010

u can go to the home pg and click on the latest entry ms.saidi put…and read the comments of other classes…it might help.. but it didnt help me!!!

126. hussein elkhatib - January 12, 2010

Mrs. Saidi, you said that today at the end of class you were gonna further explain wat the homework wuz bout, but you didnt…I already understand it all, except for the part where you say “5 good and 5 bad” can u tell me wat do u mean by this….plz if anyone nos y tell me (:

ammerahsaidi - January 13, 2010

See, I do read your comments. You just pay enough attention in class to know this blog isn’t for me to answer questions for you anymore–it’s a resource so that you and your peers can answer questions.

If your class doesn’t answer the questions, then move onto another hour.

127. notforshow - January 14, 2010

elkhatib she told us what to do just put 5 crappy ones
and 5 good ones
make it like a t chart ,well model it around a t chart.

128. hadi yassine - January 26, 2010

wat is her new website with the projects

129. mohammad MAZLOUM - January 28, 2010

ms saidi,,,,, should we type da rough draft

130. mohammad MAZLOUM - January 28, 2010

ms y ur not answering

131. unknown - January 28, 2010

ya miss the same question

132. jawad... - January 29, 2010

ms saidi i wanna see my project to see what i did wrong, i know i didnt cover funding and stuff but what else could i of done

133. .... - January 29, 2010

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