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1. Amina Halwani - November 30, 2009

Hi Ms.Saidi,

If we print out articles for the news part of the “Green Eyed Monster” research do we still have to take notes on it ? I printed out two atricles.

ammerahsaidi - November 30, 2009

That’s great, but yes, you still have to take notes on it. I’m not asking for any great details. Just write about what interests you most. And Amina, keep in mind that everyone else is probably going to look at just the first 10 hits on Google without really doing any solid research. Don’t be a sheep–push yourself.

2. Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 1, 2009

I guess I can start the discussion…<3
Well, I read the sonnet and I partly understand it…
His mistress is poor and she has smelly breath.
That is not the only thing that I understand but it is a start.
One question I want to ask is, does the description that I gave pretty much explain who the mistress is? How? Why?

saba - February 17, 2010

that was three questions lol

3. Zeinab Hashem - December 1, 2009

I read the sonnet and i analyzed it and at first i thought that shakespear was talking about someone he dosent like. But after that I reread it and now I think it means that he accepts his mistress for who she is even though she is not perfect. There probably are more meanings to this sonnet but I am still trying to figure them out. Is it correct so far?

4. Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 1, 2009

Yes I do believe that you are right from my point of view.
I reread the sonnet after I posted my first comment and I came up with the same conclusion.
Not to get off topic but, Ms. Saidi do we get to answer other peoples questions?

ammerahsaidi - December 2, 2009

ABSOLUTELY!!!! Answer away–make me irrelevant!

Could both of you please use textual proof to explain your conclusions? And remember, it’s not about figuring out what the poem is about–it’s about the PROCESS of breaking the poem down. That’s the real learning.

5. durgham - December 2, 2009

Hello Ms.Saidi, I have read the sonnet over and over again and I came to the conclusion that… He is saying that his mistress is not perfect, but he still loves her for who she is not what she looks like. After all “Love Is Blind’

6. durgham - December 2, 2009

Ms.Saidi i didnt turn in my essay because i was absent on friday and then you were not there on monday and tuesday so, i waited till this week to turn it in but i didnt print it out yet.

ammerahsaidi - December 2, 2009

Well print and turn in for the love of all that’s holy!

And Durgham, use textual proof! Remember, I could care less what your answer is; I’m more interested in HOW you came to your answer.

7. Amina Halwani - December 2, 2009

I read the sonnet “Mistress Eyes” he is using metaphores and similies to describe this woman, this time we know its a woman for sure because mistress has to be a girl, which helps me understand the sonnet alittle more but my question is, is he describing this woman in a good or bad way. I re-read it multiple times and i thought about it while going through each line he is not really talking about her in a positive way and at the end he said “,I think my love as rare As any she belied with false compare,” to me i thought this meant she is not noticing how devoted he is to her and his love is rare it could just come and go, which brings us back to the quote “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” Just clearifying my question is, is Shakespeare writing this out of love or hate, because not all poets that talk about love mean it in a good way and what i find unique is they use metaphores and similies, like William Shakespeare, to tease your mind and chanllenge you to understand if it their talking in a good or bad way, they kind of use the method verbal irony

8. Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 2, 2009

Ok, well Zeinab, you are correct and so are you Durgham.
“And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare as any she belied with false compare.”
Here he is saying that even though she looks the way she does, his love for her is unconditional beyond compare.

Zeinab Hashem - December 2, 2009

the quote that Bri ‘ana put is textural proof of what I said.
“And yet,by heaven, I think love as rare as any she belied with false compare.”
At the beggining of this sonnet he is saying all the bad things but in this quote he changes it up and means that his love for her cannot be compared.

9. Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 2, 2009

Amina, that is a really good comparison, but think about it for a second. In the end of the story, he says,
“And yet, by heaven, I think my love is rare…”
I understand why you would think that he is talking about her in a bad way, but he actually telling you the good things about her but in his way.

ammerahsaidi - December 2, 2009

Can I ask everyone to simplify their language? Pretend you’re explaining this poem to children. The problem I’m seeing right now is you’re saying some things that aren’t really clear. What does “his way” mean?

A good way to show you really understand something is by providing a supporting example from the world. A cliche, a factual event, etc.

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 2, 2009

I printed out an biography on William Shakespeare and I highlighted the things that I thought was the most important. Is that ok?

10. ammerahsaidi - December 2, 2009

You know yourself, Bri’Ana. If you know you can learn material by reading it and not writing it, sobeit. You’ll have to know this information not only for the exam, but also for your life.

11. Saba Hassan - December 2, 2009

yo ms, um just asking if you know what this soliloguy means;” O, she doth teach the torches to turn bright,”. i think of this as multi meaningful, as in it has many different meanings, but i just dont know which is valid. do you have an ideA whta this meanz?

ammerahsaidi - December 3, 2009

What definition have you found for a soliloquy? I’m a little concerend because I soliloquy is not just one line–it’s usually 8 or more.

And I’d ask you to tell me first what do YOU think that line means?

12. Amina Halwani - December 3, 2009

I really like the tehcnique’s your using in tryin to prepare us for the story “Othello,” some of the sonnets you give us im actually kind of familiar with and im starting to understand how and why poets,playwriters,authors,etc. use metaphores,similies,and personifaction. Although it is very challenging im sure we could do it. 🙂

ammerahsaidi - December 3, 2009

Amina, you have no idea how much I appreciate comments like this. I really need feedback from the students when things are going well and when they’re not going well. I had a student who stayed after class and spent lunch with me just talking about class and life, etc.

Needless to say, I always welcome honest comments! Thank you!!!

13. Amina Halwani - December 3, 2009

Also soliliquy is a literary device often used in drama whereby a character relates his or her thoughts without adressing any of the other characters.

14. Zeinab Hashem - December 3, 2009

Hi Ms. Saidi,
I just wanted to say that I like how you have been letting us as a class figure out what each sonnet means without you telling us everything. Its been helping me prepare for “Othello”. Thanks

ammerahsaidi - December 3, 2009

You are WAY more than welcome! I love watching you guys take over the class. I’ll soon be out of a job…hopefully 🙂

15. Amina Halwani - December 3, 2009

Haha! Ms.Saidi as long as we have those arguments after every time someone speaks or all the yelling and immature behavior you won’t be going anywhere anytime soon we need all the help we can get from you. Also no problemo for your previous comment to me, im just being honest. Actually it’s easier to vent all your thoughts and feelings on this blog because there isn’t anyone to critisize or make unecessary comments towards you, some of our peers in our class should really think before they speak and be sympathetic because other students might take someone’s comment in a bad way which would cause more chaos on top of all the screaming arguing students. Basically what im trying to say is thanks for providing us with this blog that not all teachers would sit and take the time to make.

ammerahsaidi - December 3, 2009

You are way welcome 🙂 Love you guys!

16. aa - December 3, 2009

wow, so this what it looks like when a class comes together, but howcome in school it doesnt work like this. their is way to much aruguing, and i know a lot of it comes from me

ammerahsaidi - December 3, 2009

Whoever you are, aa, we’re all learners and we all make mistakes. Don’t be so hard on yourself or others!

17. Amina Halwani - December 3, 2009

We love you more Ms.Saidi, and im guessing aa is ali albatot

18. Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 3, 2009

I found this website that translates all of Shakespeares sonnets and soliloquies. the website is…
This website is helping me understand some of the soliloquies and the sonnets alot more, so if we have another class discussion I will be able to tell everyone thing that they probably didn’t know and wanted to find out.:)

19. Amina Halwani - December 3, 2009

I was surprised in how much i understood and enjoyed the story “Othello,” i think the way your letting us read this is great because your giving us a chance to speak our minds before you explain it and give us all the answers and i took many notes which are really going to help and i get along great with the girls on my table because they also help me when im stuck.

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 4, 2009

Amina, check out these websites, they might just help you understand the story a little more.

20. Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 4, 2009

Being that it is late, I have went to Google and I searched a quote from the story. This quote was, “Heaven is my judge, not I for love and duty.” I found out that it mean, heaven is his only judge and that it determines what happens to him and not himself. This website basically explains the whole play. The website is, http://www.enotes.com/othello-text/act-i-scene-i.
If your every wondering what any quote means, this website really helps. Also, I was reading an article on Niccolo Machiavelli and I found his whole biography. I found this on the website
Allusion is a brief reference to a person, event, or place, real or fake, or to a work of art. Casual reference to a famous historical or literary figure or event. An allusion may be found in history, geography, literature, or religion. I found an example to. It’s Stephen Vincent Benet’s story “By the Waters of Babylon.” I found on a website called http://www.tnellen.com/cybereng/lit_terms/allusion.html. Yea, this is the best I got, but you guys, make sure you check these websites out.

21. patricia (: - December 4, 2009

yeah, i agree with amina. the way we talk about this in class is alot better. some people might think something about what one sentence might mean but when you hear someone else’s thoughts about that line it makes you think about it more. i actually like this story i bit more then i thought i would. & i just wanted to comment on something about the green eyed monster after i went up to the board and read the papers up there. i noticed that the green eyed monster is most common in relationships. and from experience i do find this to be very true lol(:

22. Amina Halwani - December 4, 2009

Thanks briana i really did need those if you find more websites please post it up here i need differentviews and answers about “Othello.” I also wanted to say that this story gets more and more intersesting as we read it in class but i should probably start reading ahead

Bri`Ana Flether - December 4, 2009

Sure I will, Its nice to see someone appreciates my hard work. Yea thats exactly what I am going to do, but just don’t read to far ahead because you might get confused when we either have a class discussion or if Ms. Saidi askes us questions about things that was supposed to be read as a class. Great idea though!!! 🙂

Jawad - December 6, 2009

bri’ana just look around on google and remember Google is all about key words. look up stuff like “tupac nickname Machiavelli” and theres a lot of diff websites and the reason they think tupac faked his death is becuase machaivelli faked his death, but theres alot more to it. Good luck researching(;

Bri`Ana Flether - December 6, 2009

How come you weren’t like this in middle shcool? Lol. Ok, but don’t forget, if you post your goole findings under your class hour it helps, not only you, but them to. So keep that in mind. 😉

23. Jawad bazzi - December 6, 2009

lol yea i will. this class accually helps me in other classes less dependent on my teachers now, i wish they all had a blog

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 6, 2009

Lol… yea dont we all. Thats the whole thing, we are not supposed to be dependent on our teachers. Ms. Saidi is trying to give us an option on what we want to learn about. Sometimes she tells 3rd hour that we are so dependent on our teachers to give us the work that we don’t have our own minds. I mean well, yea, she is right, we do depend on our teachers a little to much, but she is giving us an opportunity. Basically what I’m saying is when opportunity knocks EVERYBODY should open the door and never close it. The other teachers in Fordson doesn’t have the same mindset as Ms. Saidi. Some of them wants us to learn, but others don’t really care. They will just throw us work and then we fail. Teachers who do care they help us and we have open discussions about the work, but we are expecting them to just give us the answers. We as students, not only have to learn how not to depend on teachers, but we have to learn how to learn things on our own. There is an answer for everything, but what are we gonna do, sit and wait on our teachers and parents to answer them, if so then we are in for a rude awakening. MESSAGE TO EVERYONE: STOP DEPENDING ON PEOPLE.

24. ammerahsaidi - December 6, 2009

Glad to be reading all this 🙂

But let’s refocus the convo towards the play. What are you all noticing? Wondering? Answering? Remember, keep me out of the discussions. I’ll be the shadow reader 😀

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 6, 2009

Im glad you like it. Just stating the obvious. =) >:)

25. Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 6, 2009

As this play goes on, I notice a even bigger change in Iago… his ways are a little deeper than I thought. I really don’t understand how Othello isn’t noticing this.

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 6, 2009

not ways but his acts are a little deeper

26. Saba Hassan - December 8, 2009

Hey, i have a question for yall bloggers, in act three, did othello come back from the war betyween venice n turks? im not sure really.

hussien chehab - December 8, 2009

yes i think they did but look back in the story to be sure

mohamedsaleh - December 8, 2009

i think that this was in Act II , any way Othello came back from the war between Venice and the Turks. “That’s the Moor! I recognize his trumpet.” and whan DESDEMONA said “Let’s go greet him when he lands.”

Saba Hassan - December 9, 2009

oh alrite thanx moe!

27. mohamedsaleh - December 8, 2009

i think that this was in Act II , any way othello came back from the war between veinice and turks.”The Moor! I know his trumpet” and when DESDEMONA said “Let’s go greet him when he lands.”

28. Amina Halwani - December 8, 2009

I really enjoy this book it gets more interesting but when one of the gentlemen were talking they were describing how a war has ended and im not really sure what their talking about in the beginning of the act, can anyone help me out?

29. Nadeen Ajami - December 8, 2009

The war Between Cyprus and Turks ended. They won the war thats why they were celabrating.

Amina Halwani - January 6, 2010

I know im very late but thank you nadeen for your hospitality lol

30. abeer nasser - December 8, 2009

which gentleman and in which act ??? amina because if your talking about the one on page 21 the gentleman is talking about the war with the tusks and how they had won it

31. ammerahsaidi - December 8, 2009


32. Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 8, 2009

🙂 :)) 🙂 😀 =] :9 :p 8D

ammerahsaidi - December 9, 2009


ammerahsaidi - December 9, 2009

I’m agreeing with Bri’Ana’s happy faces since I was quite happy to read Zeinab’s post 😀

33. Moe Kassem - December 8, 2009

i beleve Othelo is going to suffer the curse of “THE GREEN EYED MONSTER.” because when Iago tells Othelo that Desdamona is cheating on him with Cassio, someone will get hurt. you can tell Cassio loves her too because on page .30, Cassio says to Iago that Desdamona is “a most exquisite lady”, he also says “indeed she’s a most fresh and delicate creature”. finally he says, “indeed she is pefection.” rith there i can tell that he like Desdamona. so he wont refuse a chance to get with her

34. Lena Jaafer - December 8, 2009

I don’t understand why Othello is starting to think that it is unnautural for Desdemona to love him. Also Iago is getting his way in this scene and gets Othello to want to kill Cassio too. Bianca also thinks once she sees the hankercheif that Cassio is having an affair.

This story is getting really intersesting. 🙂

35. Zeinab Hashem - December 9, 2009

mrs. saidi,
you know in class today how i was like i read half way through the act II scene two and three because i didnt understand them. Well, today i read all of act III and i didnt quiet lol the parts i didnt understand i worked through them. I didnt give up.
Thanks for teaching us not to give up.

36. Saba Hassan - December 9, 2009

LOL those are a lot of happy faces bri’ana. Anyways good job zuzu, way to go! kay i have a question, if anyone smart enough is to answer it=) lol wat does equinox and infirmity mean??? pg 32 wen iago speax third time.

Zeinab Hashem - December 9, 2009

lol thanx saba!! and i went on dictionary.com and it said that

Equinox is the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth’s equator

Infirmity is a physical weakness or ailment

Im not sure if they r right.

Hope I helped!!!!

mohamedsaleh - December 9, 2009

in that qoute “You see this fellow that is gone before,
He is a soldier fit to stand by Caesar
And give direction. And do but see his vice,
‘Tis to his virtue a just equinox,
The one as long as th’ other. ‘Tis pity of him.
I fear the trust Othello puts him in
On some odd time of his infirmity
Will shake this island.”
i translated it to this
“You see that man who just left? He’s a good soldier, good enough to be Caesar’s right-hand man. But he has a serious weakness. It’s too bad. I’m worried that Othello trusts him too much, and it’ll be bad for Cyprus eventually.”

37. Amani Mustafa - December 9, 2009

The soliloquy ”to be or not to be” from Hamlet talks about life and death and which is better. It talks about how death is only a sleep that ends all heartache and pain that life gives us. Also, how in death you dont know what kinds of dreams are coming and dreams are something to think about once your painful pointless life is over.

38. Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 9, 2009

I’m sooooo tired but, I went searching for more websites on Google.
I found one website that explains each section in 1 or more sentences.

39. Lena Jaafer - December 9, 2009

Iago is doing a really good job at making Othello believe everything.
I can’t believe Emila, Iago’s wife didn’t have any idea of what he wanted to do with the hankercheif.

40. Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 10, 2009

I have to say this, OTHELLO LOST HIS MIND!!!!! How dare you hit poor Desdemona for no good reason at all? You believe others than the one you married? I guess someone doesn’t understand his marriage vows. “Wilt thou have this Woman to thy wedded wife, to live together after God’s ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honour, and keep her in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, keep thee only unto her, so long as ye both shall live?”
Othello has changed a lot in this story.

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 10, 2009

Ok, I just watched the “Othello” movie trailer and it looks like a good movie.
To watch this movie trailer, go to this website;

41. aa - December 10, 2009

great, but it is rated r and has probley like 3 sex sceans so were defenetly not watching it in class and desdamona is ugly in real life (i know she is just an actor and she is a character).

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 10, 2009

I know that it is rated R… I just wanted to show the movie trailer. lolsz.! 🙂 :p 😮

42. aa - December 10, 2009

bull, how come my message isn’t at the bottom i just put it in

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 10, 2009

click reply and then you will see your message at the bottom

43. aa - December 10, 2009

even that one wasn’t on the bottom

44. aa - December 10, 2009

weres the tear drop

45. patricia*; - December 10, 2009

people are highly influenced by the other people they are around. i think this should explain why othello is starting to convince himself that desdemona is having an affair and also because he thinks these other people are honest and they wouldnt lie about something like that.i also wanted to comment something about Iago.on page 65 at the bottom where othello is saying to get posion to posion desdemona then Iago actually gives othello another option by telling him to strangle her. i found that a bit strange for the both of them because why would othello let Iago say something like that and killing desdemona wasnt part of Iagos plan to begin with.

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 11, 2009

ROUND-OF-APPLAUSE FOR PATRICA ALFARO… I love your connection. Patrica great job… 🙂 😉

46. Sara - December 11, 2009

I like patricia point of view what shes saying is true 🙂

47. Sara - December 11, 2009

http://www.sparknotes.com/shakespeare/othello/characters.html this is a website i found where it shows you all the characters and describes them if there round,flat,protgonist…. its really helpful if u dont understand some of the character HOPE IT HELPS!!!!

48. nadirah abdallah - December 11, 2009

i think othello is a very disrespectful person abd iago is a six face lol!

49. murtada najem - December 12, 2009

In life, people alwas have apart in ur actions. Just like in othello, Iago told othello that his wife (desdemona) was cheting on him.So what dose othello do he calls his wife a “whore” and then he kills her. This can be related to life because of romers. Oen person can say something about one person and than it can start geting wors by anding up in a fight and that is what usully happens at fordson. If we can stop the romers and jut grow up we might just be abetter school that parants dont have to worry about her kids being hart emotionly or phisicaly.

50. murtada najem - December 12, 2009

Othello is dumb to belive Iago.=)

51. Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 12, 2009

Just a couple of last minute things:

1. Go to some of the websites and read it in modern day language.
2. Make sure you read the book first and then check the websites to see if you are correct.
3. I like you guys, good night.

p.s this may just help you on the test.

52. IZZi - December 14, 2009

many classes are reading the oddisey which is harder. some of the students want to do what others are doing. why dont they read other books by their self ?? they just whant you to walk them around.
Love you””

53. IZZI - December 14, 2009

you look really happy when you see more posts. why?=)

54. Izzi - December 14, 2009

Why dont we see movies in your class? dont you guys agree with me?

55. Zeinab Hashem - December 14, 2009

Ms. Saidi,
Even though you said that u r not going to grade our comic strips and other work that we are going to do i have been wanting to do them. Its probebly because i am trying so hard to get an A in your class this semester. I also dont want to fall behind. lol The worksheets that u give us help understand othello more.

56. Isnad - December 15, 2009

When i hear the students talk about things in class i understand more because i could just sit there and see what others think and when i go home i compare their thoughts to mine and that would help me learn a lot and would help me do my work.many students hate your class because you are helping them prepare for collage and they hate learing. I hope that i do good in this essay because i need to higher my grade in your class.

57. talal bazzi - December 15, 2009

ms what page is it on when desdomna says she could get any guy she wanted but she chose othello i cant find it.

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 16, 2009

READ around and then you will find it…(notice I capitalized read)

58. Saba Hassan - December 16, 2009

OK, listen to me! instead of saying “i need to get a higher grade in your class” or “ill try” say I WILL! stop saying i hope or ill try. be motivated and have confidence in yourself, and dont depend on ms.s be independent, not dependent. even i am taking my own advice, its not like i never tell a teacher i wanna get a higher grade in your class, because i do, but its always the same response; ” try harder and do your homework and study, maybe youll get a higher grade next semester”. lol i sound like the Everest guy on the commercials. ms. s provides you with the information that you need to succeeed and recieve the good grade that you deserve and crave for. PRACTICE MAKES PERRRRRFECT!

59. Saba Hassan - December 16, 2009


60. m.d.n - December 16, 2009

figer this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jkmkhnjFmfdjdjjcksdklrgjfkrkkkdkkgjjdkjshhreuihhrguihihfiuhihifhihfihuifhiilufueifidiigyuudigyhgiidOfgfggajvgfgjdgjgsaygeryuyywuweygjhznxcmvjgkhkhoogjkgkhhhhhhhhhhjfiifiejkejnsmdjkgkkaoqhehehrotpRfkbjnkjljkfhhghshdkgjdkgjeDfuyysghrhdiorpgnfuhjthihgildshhjjbfihgihierhwiufhdshgiufhguihgiihfiishighiithqihuriufidofohiufhuihuivhiguiihiuhfuvgfygvSfduihfhiuhihasiurhfhiuhhiuvhfihifiuhihiifheuwiuhihhfkagkluopriOfygyuryhuyuysaugwasfytgdftysgugdyufgdfgyguhdfuhdfNhiuhyueugfrgtrtelhurtluheliuihyhiyhureyiehhhughihiuguiuhef in this,there is a word try to find it out………………………………………..

61. m.d.n - December 16, 2009

way did it not put all of it.

62. Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 18, 2009

I forgot my thesis statement… 😦

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 19, 2009

Okay… I have a brand new thesis statement. My thesis statement is, ” How do you decipher reality and illusion?”
Tell me what you think.

ammerahsaidi - December 19, 2009

Ooo, sounds interesting. Get an introduction and a first body paragraph going and we’ll be able to better assess your work from there.

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 19, 2009

I have and intro paragraph:
How do you decipher reality and illusion? The proximity of images of dark and light, love and lust, and honesty and dishonesty takes the characters’ mind so much so that they are unable to distinguish the difference between reality and illusion. Dark and light is to describe the difference between Othello and Desdemona. However, love and lust is to understand the difference between the relationship between Othello, Desdemona, and Cassio; while, honesty and dishonesty is to describe the truth and the lie. Which one is the reality and which one is the illusion?

Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 19, 2009

I don’t know how to start off my 1st paragraph.

63. ali albattat - December 24, 2009

nice briana. like the metaphores of light and dark. it speaks to me, u know.


64. Zeinab Hashem - December 31, 2009

does anyone know if we have to type our first rough draft and secound rough draft?

65. Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 31, 2009

1st paragraph…
I think it is great can someone read it and tell me what they think about it?
However, Racism is big in the world. You can find it in places you wouldn’t even expect like, Africa, Europe, Asia and other places. I was reading an article on the internet on the website http://www.globalissues.org. In this article it says, “Racism is the belief that characteristics and abilities can be attributed to people simply on the basis of their race and that some racial groups are superior to others. Racism and discrimination have been used as powerful weapons encouraging fear or hatred of others in times of conflict and war, and even during economic downturns.” I want to connect this statement to the play, Othello. “What a full fortune does the thick lips owe, if he can carry’t thus!” says Roderigo. In this one sentence, he is describing Othello as “thick lips”. A thick lip is a racial comment used by common races to describe black people. Thus, saying since Othello is black, Roderigo used this term. Furthermore, I want to connect both my statements to my thesis statement. The reality is the racism in the world whereas, the illusion is the way Roderigo described Othello as just black. Black is just the color of Othello’s skin, it is not what he is.
>give your full opinion<
please and thank you!!!!

Saba Hassan - January 2, 2010

its really interesting, but i guarentee you will loose points if you dont take out those “I”s in your paragraph. in an annalitical essay, you are not supposed to write you/I. so you might want to change it. Good Luck=)

Bri`Ana Fletcher - January 2, 2010

Thank you Saba!!!!

Zeinab Hashem - January 3, 2010

your paragraph is really good. but please can u help me with mine bri’ana

66. Saba Hassan - January 2, 2010

OK, so i have an intro, and i want you to read it and honestly say what you think about it kay? the title of my essay is Jealousy vs. Love….
“Jealousy is that pain which a man feels from the apprehension that he is not equally beloved by the person whom he entirely loves.”-Joseph Addison quotes. What is love, and can jealousy overpower it? Most people believe that love is powerful and unbeatable, therefore its power shall block out intruders such as jealousy, but is this really true? Can love overpower jealousy? Love is to envy, and to envy is to……………………

Bri`Ana Fletcher - January 2, 2010

Your paragraph is great but you are leaving it up to the reader to figure out what it is that you are writing about. Not to many questions. Good Luck!!!

Saba Hassan - January 2, 2010

the thing is, im not actually leaving it up to the reader to figure it out. im actually stateting a general every-day question that people alwayz ask. im just trying to put the reader in suspence, and i want them to wonder. its like an atention grabber. when you read it, didnt you think about it, rather love is more powerful then jealousy, or in contrast to this, if jealousy is more powerful then love? what do you think Bri’Anna? or anyone else whos reading this=) and i put that love is to envy and to envy is to……. in the end of my intro paragraph because im going to restate it in every paragraph at the end, but i will continue with the last word. like for my first body paragrapgh about love and jealousy in othello, the last sentence will be… Love is to envy, and envy is to kill. i put this beacause since othello was jealous and angry he killed dede.

Bri`Ana Fletcher - January 2, 2010

Okay now I get were your coming from. I like your paragraph. Saba, and yea it does make me think. 🙂

67. Saba Hassan - January 2, 2010

thanx Bri’Anna yours is also interesting, and you supported it with a LOT of details and quotes. Saidi is going to be really happy with you, shell practically be doing the chiken dance and jumping up and down and then shell run around the house and be like” YES, I FINALL HAVE A STUDENT WHO USES A LOT OF DETAILS AND TEXTUAL PRROF AND SUPPORT HEHEHEHEHEHEH, THEN SHELL GET SLEEPY ANF FAINT. LOL NO SERIOUSLY SHE WIL BE HAPPY. AND UR NICE COMMENT GAVE ME A BOOST OF ENERGY. NOW WORDS AND QUOES AND PHRASES ARE LITERALLY FLYING ACROSS THE SCREEN, AND MY FINGERZ ARE DOING IT. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!! =) LOL, AND SAIDI IF YOU READ THIS DONT GIMME A DETENTION I WAS JUST KIDDING=)

68. Saba Hassan - January 2, 2010

SO….. MMM WHATCHYA SAY MM THAT YOU ONLY MEANT WELL … no im kidding. so whaty did you do on new yearz? we went to new york city and on new years eve big sponge bobs were walkin on the stweetz and robots and ballooons… it was beautiful. ong when we go back to skewl i HAVE to tell you what happened with me and a stone rock robot, or so i thought it was stone………. YOULL FRIGGIN PISS UR PANTS ITS TOO FUNNY WHAT HAPPEN TO ME LOL

69. Saba Hassan - January 2, 2010

SO….. MMM WHATCHYA SAY MM THAT YOU ONLY MEANT WELL … no im kidding. so whaty did you do on new yearz? we went to new york city and on new years eve big sponge bobs were walkin on the stweetz and robots and ballooons… it was beautiful. ong when we go back to skewl i HAVE to tell you what happened with me and a stone rock robot, or so i thought it was stone………. YOULL PISS UR PANTS ITS TOO FUNNY WHAT HAPPEN TO ME LOL

70. Zeinab Hashem - January 3, 2010

Ok i need alot of help. please tell me if my intro paragraph is good. if not then help me with it please!!! thanks

What does it mean to be evil? Many people tend to be evil. Evil people have certain characteristics that can lead them to kill other people. Some of these characteristics are that they are selfish, heartless, and jealous of other people. In the story’s “Othello”, and “The Cask Of Amontillado”, two characters have these characteristics. The characters are Iago from the Shakespearian drama “Othello”, and Montressor from the Edgar Allan Poe crime “The Cask of Amontillado”.

Bri`Ana Fletcher - January 3, 2010

Zeinab it sounds like you are comparing two stories instead of writing an analytical essay. Is that your intro?

Zeinab Hashem - January 3, 2010

ya it is bri’ana but i changed it all. I have a new topic now.

Is it possible to be two-faced? To be two-faced is when someone acts deceitful or hypocritical. For example, when a women gossips abut one of her friends behind their back. Another word for being two-faced is being fake. Although there are many people in the world who are two-faced one person in particular that is two-faced is Iago from the story “Othello”. Iago acts trustworthy to Othello. He next acts his original self to his wife Emilia. Last, he acts strong but nice with Roderigo.

Zeinab Hashem - January 3, 2010

And bri’ana is the rubric the peer edit form?

Bri`Ana Fletcher - January 3, 2010

Zeinab your paragraph sounds great and the peer edit form i believe is the rubric.

71. Durgham - January 3, 2010

Hello Ms.Saidi, I have a confession to make. I have not really started on my essay. The reason for this is one, I was busy for ten days doing a religious thing and second i dont know where to start, but i did try to start but i do not know what words to star it with. I do know that this is my fault and i have one day left to complete all of this.Please reply and thank you Ms.Saidi.

72. nadirah abdallah - January 3, 2010

hey guys i cant wait to go back to school, lol i just want to come back because i miss my friends.

Bri`Ana Fletcher - January 3, 2010


73. Zeinab Hashem - January 3, 2010

ok thanks bri’ana

74. Durgham - January 3, 2010

I am getting a zero because first, none answered my comment and second i didnt get help to start, so i give up i got a zero

Bri`Ana Fletcher - January 4, 2010

That is your paper! Don’t blame anyone for your mistakes! You had the time before break to start on your paper.

75. Zeinab Hashem - January 3, 2010

what order do we have to staple our final essay? what does it mean reverse order?

Bri`Ana Fletcher - January 4, 2010

The final goes on top

76. Durgham - January 4, 2010

I was not blaming anyone and if you even bothered to read my first comment today, then youll no i was blaming myself.

Bri`Ana Fletcher - January 4, 2010

I read your first comment. You asked Ms. Saidi for help. If you typed in what you were writing about somebody probably would have helped you. I have been on here all day. I read all comments.

77. Durgham - January 4, 2010

Im sorry Bri`Ana Fletcher and I thank you for your respect and courtesy for learning and helping others. I am still getting a zero for my actions and my failure to work and finish on time.

Bri`Ana Fletcher - January 4, 2010

Start typing. Send me your intro and first paragraph. I will help you complete your homework. bri.fletcher@ymail.com

78. Durgham - January 4, 2010

I would, but sadly I am too late and I will accept what I deserve. Thank you for your help and concern.

79. Amina Halwani - January 6, 2010

Visual: Her face was as pale as snow

Tactile: His hands were as rough as the the cement we walk on

Auditory: They sang out loud for all to hear in hormony

Olfactory: The street smelled as if it were garbage day

Gustatory: This candy is so sweet its like the flavor is dancing on my tongue

Kinesthetic: He sprinted as fast as a cheetah

80. Zeinab Hashem - January 6, 2010

Ms. said i i was not at your class today can u tell me what my homework is? anyone can tell me

Amina Halwani - January 6, 2010

Zeinab, remember the 6 typrs of imagery words, we werote down the definitions in our notebooks yesterday, you write a sentence for each of them on this blog its not graded but its for your own good zeinab lol you can look at my post and see what i mean. Today in class we wrote short stories using MOC, POC, EOF, and the six imagery words,etc. and some students shared in frnt of the class and it was collected at the end

Amina Halwani - January 6, 2010

But Zeinab go on the home tab look at Ms.Saidi’s latest entry that says IMGAERY and click the button that says the number of comments then post it there

Zeinab Hashem - January 7, 2010

Ok thanks amina =) lol

81. homework needer - January 13, 2010

can someone post the terms we need to study

82. Amina Halwani - January 14, 2010

Aunt Nicey is such a weird lady to me, i say this because, in the beginning she was the only one saying “William Armstrong” a.k.a Doodle was going to live but when Doodle’s older brother was showing everyone the surprise of him walking she was being all negative and doubting him, if i ever met this woman i would scream in her face ” MAKE UP YOUR MIND WOMAN!!!” 🙂 I actually like this story i read it by myself and understood everything with no help, wow i am so proud of my self this bring tears of joy to me lol okay and i know this is just one big run on sentence but its okay were just venting our thoughts and i talk talk alot so buh bye (FOR NOW)

83. ali albattat - January 14, 2010

WOW,oh and miss saidi , or anyone else. for the final can we do experiments on the students of Fordson (voluntary) to prove a point, cause i was told that seeing it first hand could change the views/opinions of viewers and experimenters leading to a more detailed analysis of the situation

I love sounding smart 🙂

84. ali albattat - January 14, 2010

lastly, amina that should explain why many people ( ms.saidi included) think that story is 8th grade work with a lot of heart

85. Zeinab Hashem - January 15, 2010

Studying for the exam!!!! taking quizzes online really helps!! lol good luck everyone!!

Lena Jaafer - January 15, 2010

i am studying too. Once i saw your post i went and looked for online quizzes too. 🙂 they really do help

Zeinab Hashem - January 15, 2010

ya i no lol glad i can help lol

86. hadi yassine - January 26, 2010

wat is her new website with the projects

87. Bri`Ana Fletcher - February 4, 2010


ammerahsaidi - February 5, 2010

I’m in the old ISS room in lower A hall. I’d love to see you!

88. Saba Hassan - February 4, 2010

Hey Ms. Saidi, i heard tht you nvr got laid off and tht you teach reading and writing. so hows life? its funny, but in the 2nd semester, all of my grades went to As so far. im so focused this semester, and everything you taught us will be cherished aand 4evr rememberd, my new LA teach is mrs. Cantrell. i like her a lot, and she was impressed by me when i had answered her question using the IMW AND DMW and predicates n all that. anywayz, i hope you enjoy your class as much as we enjoyed you wieirdo! lol yallah g2g by ALLAH MA’ISH=)

ammerahsaidi - February 5, 2010

Hi Saba. You’re so funny–this has only been one week! Of course you should have A’s.

You keep impressing them with your amazing amount of knowledge!! And yeah, I got a job second semester–I’m in the old ISS room. Come by sometime!

89. patricia*; - February 5, 2010

hi ms saidi i misssss you! i hate my new schedaule/: but oh wellllllll. i have l.a with abeer askar;D lol she was telling our teacher how she always use to get kicked out of class.but yeah anywaysssss everything you teached is goin to be very helpful.were going to read Romeo and Juliet at the end of the semester and ms Zriek my new teacher said it might be hard for us but i told her not for the kids that had ms.saidi (: she was pretty suprised lol &yeah whats your room number?i want to vist tooo 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

ammerahsaidi - February 5, 2010

LOOOL! Abeer–I loved her but man is she a handful. Try to lecture her about focusing in school.

Romeo and Juliet will be a BREEZE for you! Othello was a million times harder and you rocked it. Remember you can always come to me for post-its 🙂

I’m in the old ISS room in lower A hall.

90. Zeinab Hashem - February 5, 2010

miss. saidi remember the one time u said that one day we will thank u for making us work hard!!! well look at everyone now!!! thanks

91. Saba Hassan loves you saidi! - February 6, 2010

MRS SAIDI…… wallh alatheem i will come to your class and say hi, even if i have to skip… LOL(which i nvr will cuz’ im 2 much of a chiken n i feel guilty really fast). Anywayz………i luv your out fits there so unusual, but thats my style. lol.(didnt meen it in a mean way, i ment it in a positive way=). and yeah zeinab hashem is right you said that one day we will thank you, and we did. atleast i did, anywayz wallah i g2g clean, my mom is yelling her lungs off. its as if goblins are stabbing my ears with there piercing sound of joy, and the beasts face is turning as red as a rose, i see her lips moving, but cannot hear her, because her screaming poped my eardrums..lool jk. anywayz i told my mom about you and how your really smart and everything and she was like” i wish i finished college” lol. yallah g2g ALLAH MA’ISH!

92. BriAna Fletcher - February 13, 2010


scoobydoobeydoo, where are you lol(saba) - February 17, 2010

why are you capitilizing your comments? it makes me have an image in my head…….i see you opening up your eyes really big and smiling till all ur gumz show n your face is pressed up agains computer screen…LOL. when i read it it makes me open my eyes lol.

93. Sabadabadooooooooooooo!(scooby) - February 16, 2010

Mrs. Saidi are you like dead or something? were the only class that is trying to stay in touch with you and you wont even reply to bring our hopes up a little. i cant visit you everyday, and we may notbe able to visit you because you might be busy, so ANSWER. lol i sound like a deranged wife calling her husband, knowing that hes cheating on her, but is in denial. lol

94. scoobydoobeydoo, where are you lol(saba) - February 16, 2010


ammerahsaidi - February 20, 2010

lol, I read ALL of your comments! I just can’t respond to them all.

Just know that I’m reading them and smiling the whole time. And I’d better see you guys stopping by during passing!


Saba Laba DING DONG. - February 21, 2010

FINALLY! I FORCED YOU TO REPLY…….tehe. i did drop by your class on i think either thursday or friday, but there was a sub=,(. gumani! that means srry in japanese. if your wondering, i know how to speak japanese. no kid. see how you said that you cant reply to all the messages?…well here, i have an idea!BE SELFISH AND ONLY ANSWER MINE! lol. Anywayz, so in lunch, i was selling candy, you know those candy boxes ppl sell, that each candy bar is a buck, and the money goes to the ppl wth diabetes and goes to haiti?, well i was tellin err one that if you but one, you get one free, but you have to pay an extra dollar for shipping and handling! lol. im not lying. and then i was tellin them if you rub it on your body, youll become younger, anf that it helps your hair grow! lol. one kid actually paid to bucks for one candy bar cuz of the shipping and handling, and my friend were calling me a hustler. lol but i told the kid tht i was just jokin, n he was like ” its ok, the ppl in haiti need it more then i do”. and what he said inspired me, so instead of going around and telling jokes about the candy, i told everyone, “EACH DOLLAR YOU SPEND ON CHOCALTE, IS A DOLLAR LESS YOU SPEND ON DRUGZ” lol one kid was like “that doesnt evn make sense. llllol.

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