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1. salwa - December 1, 2009

Ms.saidi I watched the vadio and it was so sad to how can a childe figure out to which race he or she bolongs to. when the girl was telling the childern to pick the best doll, mostly all of them chose the white doll, and she told them to point to what doll is bad and it was the black doll.However, when they were asked to chose which one looked like them they seemed to choose the black and they already adimted at the beginning that it was bad.This is a breaking heart when the childern said the black doll is the bad one, and end up being the same as the black doll.

ammerahsaidi - December 1, 2009

I definitely agree Salwa. The saddest thing is that this isn’t just a black or white thing: it’s an everybody thing.

People in society are taught in subtle ways to hate themselves for a number of reasons: too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall, light skin, dark skin, brown eyes, freckles, for shopping at the “wrong” store, wearing braces, having acne, etc. Here’s an interesting thing to think about: The age of people requesting plastic surgery over the past 2 decades has dramatically increased.

Here’s just one article: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life/relationships/parenting/Peer-pressure-compels-teens-for-cosmetic-surgery/articleshow/5246317.cms

Nasrine - December 20, 2009

i do agree because i have been made fun of because my braces and my hight .

Nasrine - December 20, 2009

Okay what r u talking about we did not watch a movie like that in class .

Nasrine - December 20, 2009

But in the other hand its my Birthday ! . Woo .

2. dina - December 2, 2009

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

3. ......................................... - December 2, 2009

is any on there

4. Bilal Sobh - December 2, 2009

Hi Ms. Saidi,
Sonnet 130 is a love poem Shakespeare made about his mistress. When you talk about your lover, you would point out all the ways that she is the best. Shakespeare does not do this though, he compares his mistress’ appearance to other things such as the sun, wires, and roses and then telling us how she does not compare to them. He gives us details about the way she walks, her smell, even the sound of her voice. Then at the end he changes his mind and tells us about his real love for her.

And look at what a class we have….so many great ideas lol!

ammerahsaidi - December 2, 2009

lol…well they haven’t shared their ideas yet!

What I’d ask you to do, Bilal, is slow down. Take one opinion, back it up with textual proof and explain HOW the text supports your opinion. Perhaps pick one or two important lines.

5. gloria - December 2, 2009


6. salwa - December 2, 2009

Ms. I read the article about the poeple that do plastic surgery how and how they compare their selfs to others.I also read the SONNET 130 and how he was comparing her to other things like the sun flowers and her hair to wires; what i thought is that how teen people do palstic surgey to look beautiful, the “SONNET 130” the man is saying that these things that his mistress was compared to don’t matter he still love her, but i think that they can be changed.however, still the change will not be as if you were born with it.You will still be that kind of person that is charaterzied for this thing to to be this kind of person; also, to live with this character.

7. salwa - December 2, 2009

Ms. when I read the SONNET `130 i did not get what they meant by saying “I grant I never saw a goddess go” am confused also when they said ” And yet, by heaven ” i did not get why they mentioned heaven and what does it expalins or shows.

ammerahsaidi - December 2, 2009

I think it’s a cultural reason for you’re not understanding. Swearing by heaven is like when Allah (swt) says in the Quran, “By the heavens” or “By the the steeds that run” when God swears by something important. That’s what Shakespeare is doing. So this shows that Shakespeare is serious about what he just said, just like when God in the Quran swears by something important, it shows He is also serious.

8. latife - December 2, 2009

I read the article it is very sad. In my opinon you should just stay the way god created you unless it is a life or death situation.

9. salwa - December 2, 2009

what else should we include about shakespear beside where he was born?

latife - December 2, 2009

Interisting facts about him like when he died , his parents names, what they did for a living, types of plays he wrote, why he still is very famous etc. Just intersting facts!

10. Dena Abdallah - December 2, 2009

hey ms.,
when we read and discussed sonnet 18 i understood that he was telling us how beautiful a girl was and even though it might have been 500 years ago we still get the see he girl who he was talking about. Wasn’t sonnet 130 the same, he still explaining the girl but with more examples?

11. mohamad badaoui - December 2, 2009

I read the article it is very sad my opinon you should just stay the way god created you unless it is a life or death situation.

12. salwa - December 3, 2009

what was the word that we have to google becuase i forgott to write it down?

13. abeer - December 4, 2009

the word was soliloquy salwa

14. salwa - December 5, 2009

when i read the firt scene i did not inderstand nothing; was very quit listening to what the class would say,but when we started to analyse it i stared to get along with it, but still it was boring to me.when I went home i started to get into deep analysis i under stood it .I started getting Iago’s personalty because i notice how he plays like a trick between Othello and Rod.when he was with ROD he encouraged him to go to Desdemona’s father and tell him that she got married to Othello.Also , how he used to add to Desdemona’s fahter’s anger:”you’ll have your daughter covered with a Barbary horse; you’ll have your nephews neigh to you;you’ll have coursers for cousins ,and gennets for germans.” this shows that he likes to add to the action.Also, when Iago left to Othello he said that he was holding him salf when Rod was telling about you (Othello).when Brabantio and Rod came Iago said to Rod: “you,Roderigo! come, sir, I am for you” the means he is going to beat him up to show that he is with Othello.

15. salwa - December 6, 2009

hi ms. i read about Macheivilli. Machevilli was born on May 3, 1469, in Florence, Italy. He eventually became a man who lived his life for politics and patriotism. He was forced to leave his post when the repelican collapsed. when he got his retirement he originally wrote about Principe (The Prince) (1513) in hopes of securing the favor of the ruling Medici family. there is more about his life, but what is the proppose of knowing about him? I think he relates to the story that we are reading about OTHELLO.

Jawad Bazzi - December 8, 2009

Ya it relatess bigggg time.

just think about iago and what type of personality he has
and what type of personality did Machiavelli have?

and look into tupac and how he got his nickname makevelli

16. mohamedsaleh - December 8, 2009

what does this quote means?

“‘And what’s he then that says I play the villain?
When this advice is free I give and honest,
Probal to thinking and indeed the course
To win the Moor again? For ’tis most easy
Th’ inclining Desdemona to subdue
In any honest suit. She’s framed as fruitful
As the free elements. And then for her
To win the Moor, were to renounce his baptism,
All seals and symbols of redeemèd sin,
His soul is so enfettered to her love,
That she may make, unmake, do what she list,
Even as her appetite shall play the god
With his weak function. How am I then a villain
To counsel Cassio to this parallel course,
Directly to his good? Divinity of hell!
When devils will the blackest sins put on
They do suggest at first with heavenly shows
As I do now. For whiles this honest fool
Plies Desdemona to repair his fortune
And she for him pleads strongly to the Moor,
I’ll pour this pestilence into his ear:”

mohamedsaleh - December 8, 2009

i have searched it in the internet for a translation for it and it’s :

Who can say I’m evil when my advice is so good? That’s really the best way to win the Moor back again. It’s easy to get Desdemona on your side. She’s full of good intentions. And the Moor loves her so much he would renounce his Christianity to keep her happy. He’s so enslaved by love that she can make him do whatever she wants. How am I evil to advise Cassio to do exactly what’ll do him good? That’s the kind of argument you’d expect from Satan! When devils are about to commit their biggest sins they put on their most heavenly faces, just like I’m doing now. And while this fool is begging Desdemona to help him, and while she’s pleading his case to the Moor, I’ll poison the Moor’s ear against her, hinting that she’s taking Cassio’s side because of her lust for him.

i think that will make it easier to understand.

hussien chehab - December 9, 2009

I think that he is trying to say that he is not the villian but he really is the villian.

17. salwa - December 8, 2009

Aigo is getting cassio and Othello’s trust easily:”the moor is of a free and open nature,” this qoute is about how Aigo can gain Othello’d trust, while he reffers to OThello as an ass: “And will as tenderly be able to led by the nose” he also adds “As asses are”. AIgo is comparing Othello as an ass of an animal. By gaining his trust he can get his wife back and his position. Othello did not realy slept with Ais wife, but his strong jealous is “poisining me” as (Aigo said) that leads him to make such a pridicatiion.

18. salwa - December 8, 2009

this is a translation that i found u can rread and compare it with the text

Who can say I’m evil when my advice is so good? That’s really the best way to win the Moor back again. It’s easy to get Desdemona on your side. She’s full of good intentions. And the Moor loves her so much he would renounce his Christianity to keep her happy. He’s so enslaved by love that she can make him do whatever she wants. How am I evil to advise Cassio to do exactly what’ll do him good? That’s the kind of argument you’d expect from Satan! When devils are about to commit their biggest sins they put on their most heavenly faces, just like I’m doing now. And while this fool is begging Desdemona to help him, and while she’s pleading his case to the Moor, I’ll poison the Moor’s ear against her, hinting that she’s taking Cassio’s side tries to help Cassio, the more she’ll shake Othello’s confidence in her. And that’s how I’ll turn her good intentions into a big trap to snag them all.because of her lust for him. The more she

19. Danielle Mallad - December 8, 2009

Ms.Saidi, as I read the solioquey posted today, i think the ending give me sense of what it means. This man had done a terriable thing that wants us to remember the wrong doings that give him bad sins. His sins will affect this man until he dies, but nightmares will come upon him, nightmares represent a remebered horraible life.

ammerahsaidi - December 8, 2009

Danielle, can you post this comment under the entry on the home page? Also, what textual proof can you use to support your opinions?

Good for you for taking on the challenge.

20. salwa - December 9, 2009

I like this qote because you know how brabanzio was accusing Othello of getting his duagher’s love with witchcraft and then Othello expalins that he got her love by telling her about the war adaventure he had wnet through; the duke’s reply to Othello’s speech about how he wooed Desdemona with his tales of adventure is: “I think this tale would win my daughter too”.

mohamedsaleh - December 9, 2009

i thank that was in Act I

21. Bilal Sobh - December 9, 2009

You guys have to start commenting more on the blog…but I had to read the act a couple more times until I understood what was happening. Othello and Desdemona got married, Iago came in on Cassio and tried getting him to drink so that he can control over him. I found out alot about Iago in this Act.

mohamedsaleh - December 9, 2009

sobh are homework was to read Act III and take notes

22. salwa - December 9, 2009

I know

23. salwa - December 9, 2009

there is website that raely helped me it is called SparkNotes.com or u can type sheakspear spark notes.

24. salwa - December 9, 2009

what did cassio meant in ACT III p.39 when he said Maters, play here; I will content your pauns; somthing that;s brief; and bid “good Morrow. general.”

25. mohamedsaleh - December 9, 2009

he meant Musicians, start playing here. I’ll pay you for your trouble. Play something short that will put the general in a good mood.

26. mohamedsaleh - December 9, 2009

why does it say December 9, 2009 and it is December 8, 2009

ammerahsaidi - December 9, 2009

I think it’s just a glitch on the site!

27. mohamad badaoui - December 9, 2009

hi ms. saidi

28. salwa - December 9, 2009

i was wondaring about the date and i though there must have been somthung wrong

29. Bilal Sobh - December 10, 2009

i know it was saleh

30. saleh - December 10, 2009

saleh what
what did u mean by saying “i know it was saleh”

31. salwa - December 10, 2009

why did skeaspeare included the Turks on OTHELLO. what does it have to do whith the themes Racism and Jealousy? I know that the Turks tried to invade Cyprus in tha play of Othello, but i did not understand why he included the turk in tha paly, why couldn’t he have included another country like spain.

32. salwa - December 10, 2009

was there a reason behind it?

33. khalil rahal - December 10, 2009

miss i kinda dont get it. did desdemona sleep with cassio or othello just thinks so.

mohamedsaleh - December 10, 2009

hi khalil, desdemona did not sleep with cassio but othello is thinkink that she did because iago told him that and what emilia said to desdemona after the conversation between her and othello is that othello is jealous.

34. khalil rahal - December 10, 2009

and also what is emilia saying to desdemona at the end of the conversation between othello and desdemona.

35. Bri`Ana Fletcher - December 10, 2009

Hey you guys, all your thoughts are great. Do you find anything online? If so, post websites so that way your class can get help. :0

khalil rahal - December 11, 2009

ok ill try but any way thanks saleh

36. salwa - December 11, 2009

Desdemona was a faithful women until her last mouments. when EMILLIA enterd and saw that she was killed; she asked what happend, Desdemona spoke to Emillia and said ” commend me to my lord” and she also said that she was the one that killed her self:” Nobody; i myself.Farewell”.

37. khalil rahal - December 11, 2009

i know it was suprising ending. i thought othello was gonna kill her bt then she commited suicide.

38. khalil rahal - December 11, 2009


39. anonymous - December 11, 2009

i think that she wasnt cheating on othello the whole time

40. salwa - December 12, 2009

“Drop tears as fast as the Arabian trees” what I think of this qoutes is that sheakespeare used simeli to compare the tears like the trees of the Arab. I think he meant “as the Arab trees” like the Olive oil trees, because the shape of the olive leaf is like a tear. He also used that because they used the olive leaf as a symbol for peace. In the play they where reffering to someone cry. crying is a reliaf and sometimes someone looks weak when he or she cry.

ammerahsaidi - December 12, 2009

I never knew that about Arabian trees. Where did you get this information?

41. mohamad badaoui - December 15, 2009

hi ms saidi

42. salwa - December 15, 2009

becuase i remmeber in the paly the mentioned a woman had to walk to palstine to see lovdoco and i remmbered the trees in palstine

43. Maha Alaktam - December 15, 2009

good thinking =)

44. mohamad badaoui - December 15, 2009

ms saidi for my essay can i talk about iago’s jealousy towards othello and my body paragraphs can be exapmples of people being jealous of others?

45. Danielle Mallad - December 15, 2009

Ms. Saidi in Act i scene iii why does desdemona’s father blame othello for abusing desdemona.

hussien chehab - December 16, 2009

The reason that Desdemona’s father blammed Othello for abusing Desdemona is Iago and Rodergio put the thought in Barbintios head that Othello is sleeping with Desdemona but Othello was not doing any of that so thats why he blammed him.

Danielle Mallad - December 16, 2009

Thank you hussien for answering my question i try to remember that.=)

46. salwa - December 16, 2009

ms. how are we going to give textual proof from the book for the essay test and we are not going to use the book. Also, how are we going to be able to momeries a qoute from the book and we want to use different qoutes to support our essay.

47. mohamad badaoui - December 16, 2009

ms saidi for my analytical essay can i talk about iago’s jealousy towards othello and my body paragraphs can be exapmples of people being jealous of others?

48. Ahmed Saab - December 16, 2009

hey mohamad if your thesis is about iagos jealousy towards othello, then ur body paragraphs are going to be examples of that,explanations,and textual proof. u just gotta focus on that on topic

49. Ahmed Saab - December 16, 2009

hey salwa, its ur choic to use textual proof for the exam. u can reword in ur own words and make it sound like wat the person said. ms saidi told me.

50. salwa - December 16, 2009

do we have to write the essay in a essay form
like do we have to have intro, 3body and a cunclsion

51. Ahmed Saab - December 16, 2009

extactly for the analytical essay

52. salwa - December 16, 2009


53. khalil rahal - December 17, 2009

ms how much will the essay help my grade if i get a perfect score

ammerahsaidi - December 17, 2009

The more important question is if you develop a perfect paper, how much have you learned and won’t it feel great?

Your question sounds like an ultimatum: I’ll only do the paper and do it well if it will improve my grade. First of all, of course it will, but why would the grade be the motivation and not the actual development of skills?

54. salwa - December 19, 2009

**** please read it and state your opinion and give grade that this paper deserve thank you.*****

In the play, Othello Iago had may character treats that helped him to play an important role. In this play, Iago an ensign that work with the Moor Othello the governor of Cyprus was considered evil, suspicious, and selfish. All these characteristics in the play, Othello were considered verbal irony.
Iago was suspicious because he doubted about his wife Emilia that had she had slept with Othello: “I hate the Moor; and it is thought aboard that twixit my sheets he had done my office.” As this quote shows, that Iago hated the Moor (Othello). His hates to Othello caused him to suspicious that he had slept with his wife (Emilia): “and it is thought aboard that twixt my sheets”, which mean that it is already shows ahead that he had slept in bed with my wife (Emilia), and bed refers to “sheets” and cover or slept in means:“twixt.” Continually, Iago said: “he has done my office”, in this quote when they say “done my office” it means took my place or position or place in life; what they mean by: “done my office” in the play is that to be a husband. Iago said that, to explain that Othello had slept with his wife in bed and took his place as a husband to Emilia. Therefore, Iago was considered suspicious because Othello did not even thought of looking at Emilia.
Moreover, Iago was also characteristics as an evil character: “get me some poison, Iago. Do it not with poison, strangle her in bed.” These quotes states that when Iago told Othello that his wife Desdemona had slept with his lieutenant Cassio Othello asked Iago to give him poison to poison her (Desdemona). Instead, Iago suggested that Othello should strangle her in her bed. Iago is showing to be evil in this quote because he has no mercy on how Desdemona should be killed. Normally, when you want to poison someone you would put poison inside a drink that they would not doubt about it. However, Iago suggested to strangle her because he want he to be torture, so he can take revenge from Othello sleeping with his wife Emilia.
Finally, Iago also played as a selfish character in the play, Othello: “now, whether he kill Cassio, or Cassio him, or each do kill the other, every way makes my gain,” as quoted above, Iago is saying it would not matter with me (Iago) if Othello kills Cassio, or Cassio kill Othello or even both kill each other he would care more less, but he would gain from both of them if they were killed or each kill the other. As mentioned earlier, Cassio was accused of adultery with Desdemona, so Othello wants to take revenge and kill Cassio. Iago said he would gain from the death of both or one of them is that if Othello died he would have taken his revenge for sleeping with his wife Emilia. In the other hand, if Cassio was killed, Iago would be replaced as Othello’s lieutenant. Because at the beginning of the play: “I had already chose my officer, one Michael Cassio,” as shown in this quote Othello picked Michael Cassio as his officer instead of Iago because Iago have been working with Othello for years as an ensign. Therefore, he would benefit from both Cassio and Othello’s death.
In conclusion, Iago played an important role of being evil, suspicious, and selfish in the play, Othello. However, even though Iago had been these characteristics throughout the play, they were shown as verbal irony. For Iago was giving advices to characters as a helpful character. He was showing to them as a kind and considerate person but he really was not he was the opposite, which was evil, suspicious, and selfish.

ammerahsaidi - December 19, 2009

Salwa, just reading some of your paragraphs quickly, you have really begun to master the skill of literary analysis. You state your opinion, you state your textual proof and then you analyze the quote part by part and connect it back to your thesis.

Your intro however is very unclear. What is your thesis exactly? Make it simple and make it the last sentence in your intro. Also, start with something interesting. Something to catch your reader’s interest. And I know this is your rough draft, but your grammar needs a LOT of attention. You have run-ons and comma-splices and awkward sentences.

I’d recommend stepping away from your paper for a couple of days and coming back to it and read it out loud. You will hear some mistakes.

Nice to see you getting a headstart, but remember to enjoy the break as well!!!

55. salwa - December 21, 2009

do we have a test when we come back

56. shaima - December 24, 2009

the analytical essay that is due after the break if the title of my piece is called “think before you act” do i have to replace the word “you” with a different word becasue on the rubric it stayts that we can not use you or your so can i use the word “you”in my title or not can anybody answer me?

57. salwa - December 25, 2009

i think you can use “you” in the title because you are not using it in your paragraph as sentnce it is a title

58. salwa - December 25, 2009

hay shaima i’ll send u my essay and read it ok!

59. shaima - December 29, 2009

sure why not, and after i organize my essay i want you to check it from me

60. shaima - December 29, 2009

People all over the world believe what they hear without thinking about it. Such as Adam and Eve believed that devil without thinking about what will happen to them. In comparison to the play Othello and the story about Adam and Eve that is written in the Quran is that they both had people that did not think before they took action in their part.

can any1 check my intro
and please tell me the mistakes because i know there is but i can not find them

61. Nasrine mourad - December 29, 2009

hey ms.saidi for mu paper I am using he fur elements of fiction right now I am riting about setting and I look all over the internet and I could not find where the acts manily take place so I am used the page right befor the play starts under damatis personae at the very bottem i whant to know if that is ok to use??

62. Nasrine mourad - December 29, 2009

hey ms saidi for my paper I am using the four elements of fuction.Right now I a writing about setting and I looked all over the internet and i could not fined where the act manily takes place so i am using the page right befor the play starts under DAMATIS PERSONAE at the very bottem I whant to know if its ok to use it??
and i have a nother question how do we do doubble spacing agian/ =)

63. Nasrine - December 31, 2009

miss why runt u answering

64. salwa - January 2, 2010

shima you should try to write about some peoeple because not all believe things without thinking about them.But some poeple belive without thinking about them iff the person give string proof and you will belive it without thinking about it. it is like when Iago conveinced Othello by something that is strong for him, the handkerchief.so if a person tried to conviced a muslim person in the way of shria and islam we are going to belive it, but later on we are going to think about it.

65. Danielle Mallad - January 2, 2010

I need help with this quote i found in the play that i dont understand what it means, i need someone to help me ” Amen to that, sweet powers! I cannot speak enough of this content; It stops here; it is to much joy: And this, and this, the greatest discords be That e’er hearts should make!”

66. shaima - January 3, 2010

thanks salwa and do u know how to have the header in single spaced and do u know how can i not have spacing between my pargraphs???????????????

67. salwa - January 3, 2010

for the spacing u should highlight the writing and then press Ctrl+A+2.for the header d no’t highlight it with the writing.

68. salwa - January 3, 2010

PLEASE CORRECT ME! when we use qoutations that are not direct for example, Iago was characteristics as an evil character: “get me some poison, Iago. Do it not with poison, strangle her in bed.” we used colon to interduce the quotations, but when someone say somthong we don’t use conlon.for example, Iago said “strangle her in her bed” we did not use colon becuase the person said it directly. IS THAT CORRECT

69. salwa - January 3, 2010

hey Danielle u shloud tell us what p. is it on so we can answre u, and u should read before and after the qoutes aslo use conatct and clues to help you because we don’t know what was happing when the person said this quote.but I think it was emmilia whos speaking and she is saying that is enough of what Iago had done, he should not try to separts spouse he should be stooped, and there is no more happyniss after what Iago have done.

Danielle Mallad - January 3, 2010

sorry salwa i did find the pg number: #26, othello is speaking if you want to go over it.

70. salwa - January 3, 2010

shamia please open ur email!

71. someone - January 3, 2010

is the margins 1 for all sids and even the header

72. shiama - January 4, 2010

salwa i am soory but i forgot my password so i can not open it

73. shiama - January 4, 2010

what did you send me???????

74. salwa - January 4, 2010

i think he is expalanig how much he love dedemona and he is saying i can’t express how much i missed you and want to spend time with u

75. Danielle Mallad - January 12, 2010

One commerical i picked was education connection which is a college online. This commerical makes me feel as if other students who already gruated from high school dont need to go to a real college to be taught from professional professers, this commerical is saying that students dont need to go to college, they should stay at home and probably not get a diploma for their future. This commerical was probably accomplished by the standards of more people using technolgy. Iam not for sure.

76. hadi yassine - January 26, 2010

wat is her new website with the projects

77. nasrine mourad - February 5, 2010

hey ms its me nasrine and I am in the reading/writeng class and I have to say that everything you thought me about braking down a sentenc and try to find out what it is really saying really is helping and are you dong checking my powerpoint????? also what room are you in??

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